shovelhead flh oil capacity. I've always used Harley brand 20W-50 (cause I worked at a. In 1949, the Harley-Davidson "Hydra-Glide" was first offered. 1966 Harley-Davidson FLH Shovelhead presented as Lot. A quick check, is to run the motor, until it is at running heat range, and loosen the top oiler line at the head, and see if it pukes out, or not. List related bikes for comparison of specs. 1975 Harley Davidson FLH shovelhead blows oil out the crankcase @ Posted by Anonymous on May 12, 2013. Jan 12, 2009 #1 Hello folks, a new guy here. Change Model FX 1200 front fork with recommended oil,. It is hose number 6 on the diagram below: Says "front chain oiler line to primary housing" I made a label when I disconnected it saying. Harley Davidson Shovelhead Ignition System Diagram 1978 1979 HERE. Picture credits - Harley-Davidson. Most of my riding is at highway speeds. Lore • The FLH was the top-selling model for 1966. Shovelhead For Sale - Antique & Vintage Motorcycle Parts 1976 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide FLH FL Shovelhead Antique S&S 88" Engine!! - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! 610. Davidson Shovelhead Motor Removal of Cylinder Heads and Cylinders, Disassembly, Part 1 1985 softail #101 roadside repair starter \u0026 battery fxst evo flst evolution harley by tatro machine Hunting Harley's, 1969 Harley FLH original paint1965 panhead #131 74ci flh motor rebuild and bike repair harley by tatro machine Shovelhead Panhead. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 18. Of course, when all is said and done, I am going to have to refill the front forks. Help needed please! Shovelhead oil line question. This switch has a plastic top and flag type terminal connection and uses a push on type connector. 3 kW) @ 5150 RPM and a maximum torque of. 1980 FLH Fork Oil Capacity - Club Chopper Forums. Let's face it, not everyone wants to . The amount shouldn't be too much, and you can go up to 30 weight if it still feels too soft. The 1977 Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide and all other motorcycles made 1894-2022. 1980 fxef Super Glide Shovelhead. Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Super Glide Specs Harley-Davidson XLCH 900 Sportster Specs Harley-Davidson XLH 900 Sportster Specs Latest Motorcycles. The drain plus is located between the shock absorbers, underneath the transmission. Shovelhead Engine Specifications - dakwerkenscherps. Transmission - Drain Plug on the bottom. I've got a '77 74 CI Shovelhead, fairly recent rebuild (I'd say no more than 4,000 miles ago), and solid lifters. a diagram of how all the oil lines from the tank. Throughout the Shovelhead's run, the engine had many different changes made to it to improve power, cooling and oil consumption. Harley Davidson Shovelhead Keihin Carb Diagram 1978 to 1984 HERE. 4 quarts of 20W-50 Type-SF engine oil The Shovelhead engine was introduced by Harley-Davidson in 1966 and was used until 1984, when it was replaced by the Evolution engine. This 1970 Harley-Davidson FLH Shovelhead from Hideya Togashi of Hide Motorcycle (that's 'Hee-day') illustrates my point beautifully. While SYN3® will help reduce the amount of impurities to your engine, no lubricant product can reduce fuel dilution (this happens every time you start your . It could reach a top speed of 99 mph (160 km/h). It would take something drastic to keep the manufacturer’s place as king of the hill. Shovelhead - oil level ? - always something ODD, but man,, i really do like this 84 shovel. Hey, I've busted my ass looking for info on this pump & have come up with nothing. Answer: For any Harley Twin-Cam engine, we highly recommend using AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 in “all three holes” (as they put it) for two essential reasons. These are called AMSOIL V-Twin Primary Oil and AMSOIL V-Twin Transmission Oil. Picking the right transmission fluid ensures the life and durability of your transmission, that’s why BAKER recommends a fully synthetic GL-5 rated gear weight oil of 75W-140. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for riders who want the most from their 2008 Harley-Davidson FLHTC Electra Glide Classic. oil pressure switches Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36. Replacement chrome oil tank comes with drain/fill plugs, cap assembly and gasket. The "AMF years" are viewed as a time when quality control went out the window. Cromed reproduction of the stock oil tank. The 1982 Harley Davidson FLHS 1340 Electra Glide sports an air-cooled, four-stroke, 1337cc, 45° V-Twin powerhouse paired to a five-speed manual transmission, and can produce 50 horsepower and 94. shovelhead and it leaks oil at vent line at crank case when it is warm. Here is one for discussion, I recently picked up a 77 FLH that was off the road for a long time. The Harley-Davidson Shovelhead V-twin was introduced in 1966. It helps to use a funnel designed for a primary case. Electra Glide Police FLHP : 1981. 1970-1978 Harley-Davidson FL / FLH – 1200 Electra Glide, FX / FXE / FXS – 1200 Super Glide Service Repair Manual. SOURCE: how to run oil lines on 1983 flht harley davidson. So, the FLH’s with shovelhead powerplants are just way too rare to be considered. Once it’s loose, finish removing. AMSOIL recommends AHR SAE 60 or AMV 20W-50 motorcy-cle oil for all these older models. 1965 1200cc FLH Panhead, packing on the pounds. The battery is new, the starter button connected because of a strong clicking from the lower left side just above the trans. Harley-Davidson OEM: 62483-81, not suitable for FXST series. If you don’t have access to SAE60, you can use 20W-50 for the engine and MVT V-Twin synthetic transmission fluid for the transmission. The Right Synthetic Motor Oil for Your 2008 Harley-Davidson FLHTC Electra Glide Classic. That is converted to our metric system 1208 cc. It's been a long time since my shovel days so double check my info. The chances are, your recommended oil will be 20W50 as that's the most common grade for Harleys. I've an early '84 Harley FLH Shovelhead. 5q) fills to top line on oil tank dipstick. " Use 20 weight for average conditions. He is also currently building a dual-engine 1950 Triumph land speed race bike for the 2021 race season. “I wanted around eight liters on this Shovelhead, so I came up with the idea to add a another tank under the seat, next to the custom oil tank. The evolution’s external filter requires two oil lines; one line feeds. So fortunate to have an opportunity to change the oil on my 1980 Super Glide shovelhead with my good friend. Unlike regular oil changes, the Scavenger system supplies the tools and methods to flush ALL of the dirty oil out of your Harley when you change your oil. I'm using this weight oil due to the fact Amsoil has it as their first pick (over. In 1970, the capacity changed according to model. The engine oil capacity is 3 quarts (2,800 ml; 100 imp fl oz). The oil drain plug is located under your bike near the temperature sensor. The FLT had a brand-new chassis, the 80-inch motor, and a new five. Japan's top builders each have a unique and instantly recognizable style, and the machines they produce are usually hard to pigeonhole. If you use wet clutch plates the oil won't affect the clutch. The bike is leaking a bit of transmission oil. This is the first year for belt drive. The Shovelhead engine, as produced up to 1981, relied on an in-oil tank filter element to keep debris from entering the engine. I am facing a bit of a problem in a new-to-me '83 FXR Shovelhead. Whether you're running a 103, a Twin Cam or a Softail and whether you run Synthetic or Regular oil, the right oil will make all the difference. Remove the drain plug and let the oil drain completely into your catch basin. The standard oil filtration system works. 59panhead Registered Joined Jun 1, 2010 549 Posts #4 · Jun 28, 2011 (Edited) change the oil and filter to 60 weight thats the oil the pans and shovels are supposed to run in summer50 is what we run in winteryou being in FL run the 60 wtwhen I go south in lots of heat I run 70 wt. I'm currently using Amsoil's straight 60w synthetic oil (AHR)in the motor. I know on my old '71, i used to dip my small finger in to the fill. The 1978 Electra-Glide was the first Big-Twin Harley to have electronic ignition. Hi everyone - I am re-assembling my 1978 FLH after moving back to Oz from Vancouver and am having some trouble with the routing of one of my oil lines. Is this some kind of part number or is this the viscosity. Start the engine and let it idle in place . 1969 Harley Davidson Shovelhead For Off 79 Medpharmres Com. Mine takes 4 quarts, and run 50W Spectro in it. follower part of the oil feed to the top end. Engine Oil Cooler With Oil Filter Housing Adapter Sensor Gaskets Kit 68105583AF Compatible With Chrysler 200, 300, Dodge Avenger, Journey, Durango, Jeep Cherokee, Wrangler 3. Use AMSOIL SVG or SVO for the transmissions. Mine has a line to the bottom and a 2nd. 5 pints transmission, 4 quarts engine oil, dry primary unless you have a wet clutch, this is out of the Chiltons Manual that is a copy of the H D factory manual, hope this helps, Jack Older shovels had an oiler screw on the oil pump for lubing the primary chain, caution too much oil will ruin a dry clutch Last edited by a moderator: Apr 16, 2010. Shovelhead Engine Specifications. TRANSMISSION LUBRICANT (Part No. Compare with any other motorbike. I've got a '77 74 CI Shovelhead, fairly recent rebuild(I'd say no more than 4,000 miles ago), and solid lifters. The FLT had a 5 gallon fuel capacity, 4 quart oil capacity, 5. Bukan Cuma Shovelhead, Yuk Kenali Jenis Mesin Harley. Harley Davidson Shovelhead Oil Pump Diagram 1966 to 1967 HERE. Harley Davidson Shovelhead Generator Dash Cover FL FLH Shovel Sp; $32 Harley Davidson Shovelhead Generator Dash Cover FL FLH Shovel Sp eBay Motors Parts Accessories Motorcycle Parts Antique, Vintage, Historic Harley Davidson Shovelhead Generator Dash FLH FL Miami Mall Sp Cover Shovel /products/Medeco-insulin-Syringe-1cc-31G-x-8mm-100%27s. It has 2 cylinders which are at a 45° angle to each other. Harley-Davidson makes two types of fork oil for shovelheads. where temps are on the cooler side, but rarely ride it when it's below 50F. when you change the oil, follow these instructions: - check the oil level and if it not empty, start the bike and warm up the engine and oil. Models from 1966 to 1969 use 6. I've had issues with the gearshift on my 1980 FLH recently and decided to pull out the primary. I have purchased a '08 Harley and want to continue to use Mobil 1™ motor oil but use 20W-50 in the engine. Evolution and Twin Cam Harley’s would continue to use the trademark Wide Glide front-end and name for another 30 years. It is hose number 6 on the diagram below: 71641 Says "front chain oiler line to primary housing". Harley Davidson Shovelhead Gearcase Assembly Diagram 1970 to 1984 HERE. The FLH engine, the hotter version, was rated at 60. Mobil 1 Dexron ATF is equivalent to a 7. Make Model: Harley Davidson FLHS 1340 Electra Glide : Year: 1983 - 86: Engine: Four stroke, 45° V-Twin, OHV, 2 valves per cylinder. 9 ounces of fork oil in each leg. Remove the oil fill cap before removing the plug, as this will help drain the oil faster. Fill the oil tank with four quarts of 20W-50 Type-SF engine oil. Harley Davidson Motorcycles Questions including Top fuel. Search: Santee Oil Tank Shovelhead. The oil’s viscosity should be matched with the climate conditions but in most cases Ultima 60 weight motor oil will work fine. Once you’ve filled the primary case with fluid, double check the fluid level visually. The clutch on an `84 Shovelhead was configured with a lube system that used engine oil which circulated to the primary and was then sucked back to the engine. Search: Shovelhead Circuit Breakers. Check to make sure you added the complete token. Depending on when it was built it could be called one of the. Locate the transmission drain plug, which can be a bit tricky. And some engineering routes are, of course, dead ends. "I wanted around eight liters on this Shovelhead, so I came up with the idea to add a another tank under the seat, next to the custom oil tank. 99 1978 Harley Shovelhead Flh 1340 Fl 80 Electra Glide Oem 2239 Forks Trees Front. The Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum Transmission Oil is. After building two mirror-image tanks, the capacity turned out to be 6. Oil Consumption Control Package Tank capacity is 4. The design of the oil filter on the shovelhead uses one oil line, which feeds the oil back through the filter and into the oil tank. To clarify a point, the original Shovelhead FXWG enjoyed a production run of a mere four years. The front fork oil capacity varied over the 18 years the shovelhead was in production. The Shovelhead also heralded rubber-mounted engines, rear and primary belt drives, and five-speed gearboxes. The owners manual calls for 58, 75 or 105 oil in the crankcase. I fill mine to the bottom of the derby cover and use Harley primary oil. Disassembling the shovelhead oil pump. When starting it yesterday, I had to push the starter button 5 times before it turned over. Harley Davidson Sportster V-Twin Synthetic Blend Engine Oil Change Kit . shovelhead and it leaks oil at vent line at crank. The engine boasted a 1,340 cc displacement and Harley-Davidson's classic 45-degree V-twin cylinder arrangement. Color options included Flight Red, Azule Blue, and Black. 1966-1984 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Models Service Repair Manual. BAKER Drivetrain offers custom Harley-Davidson transmissions and parts. Search: Vintage Shovelhead Parts. 2010 Big Bear Choppers Devils Advocate ProStreet 100 EFI. Some on my FLH are original 1974 - if you bust them, something else is going on, like misalignment, etc. 5 pints of HD transmission lubricant, although many people use 75w90 gear oil mixed 3-to-1 with Lucas oil. 20130225200816#101 Harley 1970-72 shovelhead oil pump modifications conversion how it works. It was made by the HD factories from 1966 until 1984. You can use ATF rather than other primary fluids, easier to pinpoint leaks . Shop the best {0} for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. It should show about 10 to 20 psi, at road speeds. Since I live in Finland where the weather allows riding a bike for about two days per year (just kidding, 4-5 months is the average), I am planning to fix the leak in the off-season and get through this summer with regularly checking. 9 out of 100) Click here for complete rating. HARLEY DAVIDSON 1983 FLH SHOVELHEAD VINTAGE ANTIQUE BELT. The oil filling the follower is actually on its way to the top end under pressure (See diagram #1). 8,100 FLH's were built this year, and 1,600 FLs. oil in their Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, and Shovelhead. Harley from the early Knucklehead to the end of the Shovelhead era, those types of transmissions are almost indestructible but have a problem they often leak to the main problem occur when some of the oil escape between the spacer and the shoulder of the gear, I always make a new type of spacer out of C1144 steel, with o ring groove. Most kits will suit wet or dry clutches. 1982-1984 Harley Davidson Flh Shovelhead Chrome Engine Dress Up Kit. Just guessing here really, but I'd go with ten ounces of 20 weight fork oil. FX model fork oil: FX models except wide glide = Wet 5 oz. 1980 Harley-Davidson FLH 1340 Electra Glide specifications, pictures, reviews and ratingGeneral informationRear brakes:Single discPhysical measures and capacitiesWeight incl. 1970 Harley Davidson Flh Specs Best Auto Cars Reviews. Front Fork Oil Capacity The front fork oil capacity varied over the 18 years the shovelhead was in production. I have a new mid-'77 to early 1984 FLH Wide Glide 41mm front end that is 4" over. Harley Davidson Oil Filter. 0oz more than the wet amount due to residual oil left clinging inside the fork. We've then listed the part number for two of the most popular aftermarket oil filter brands: K&N and HifloFiltro so you can. i drained the old oil out of the transmission and according to my manual, i need to install 1-1/2 US pints or 24 oz. Instructions for new front forks include the amount of oil required. I am about to change the oil lines. Tools you need to change motorcycle transmission fluid. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. The trouble with aftermarket tanks is that they are a compromise - you usually end up with less oil capacity, and a smaller than stock battery, unless you go lithium. Approximately 3-quart capacity. Independent AMSOIL Dealer 1-800-777-7094. Bike Year, Make, Engine: Shovel bobber, 77 FLH. IntroWe've created this motorcycle oil filter lookup guide, to help you quickly find the right oil filter for your bike. ORDER AMSOIL SYNTHETICS ONLINE. 2050 Engine oil – 3 2050 Engine Oil - 3. OEM replacement, replica and custom parts from Vtwin. Harley makes primary oil specifically for the older primaries that lubes the chain and is compatable with the clutch friction plates. be Stock Harley Shovelhead engines built after 1978 require 4 qts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 22, 2010. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Oil Change. 5 pints transmission, 4 quarts engine oil, dry primary unless you have a wet clutch, this is out of the Chiltons Manual that is a copy of the H D factory manual, hope this helps, Jack. Here’s a look at the technical evolution of the 74-cu. 1974 Harley Davidson FLH Shovelhead, 11749 miles, Garage Kept Very good condition,second owner. I am thinking of running the standard chain primary drive dry by passing the self oiler to the primary case. What kind(not brand)of Oil are you guys using in your shovelheads and available to use rotela 20/50 to make it home then change it out. 1985 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide - FLH Oil Filter Best selection and great deals on 1985 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide - FLH Oil Filter items. The HD Shovelhead motor went out of production in 1984. Shovels run a 3 psi sending unit, from the factory, so if you have the light, and it stays off, then you have pressure. Oil fill cap has a built-in dipstick, it tells you what your oil level is. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 58. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive property of the respective owners. Harley Davidson Shovelhead Circuit Breaker Diagram to HERE. Harley Davidson Shovelhead Motorcycles For. Stock reproduction of the Harley Shovelhead oil tank used from 1965-1982 on FX and FL models. 1974 harley davidson fl flh, super glide fl shovelhead haynes manuals, harley davidson wiring made easy siebenthaler creative, dan s motorcycle various wiring systems and diagrams, 1971 harley davidson xlh xlch 1000 sportster manual, 1982. Harley Davidson Softails require one quart of primary fluid. The chances are, your recommended oil will be 20W50 as . Includes parts, accessories and tools. of 20W-60 oil, even though displacement on these engines was increased. Primary - Many shovelheads have been modified and need to have oil added to the primary (big round cover in front of clutch). New 2019 and 18 Harley Davidson Motorcycles Wilkins. I would use Primary Lube for this. But usually, the factory finds a way to move ahead without losing touch with its heritage. I have owned a 1981 shovelhead FLH since it was new. harley davidson super glide for sale ebay. " -WET: Means you just drained the oil out of the plug and want to refill it. HARLEY DAVIDSON Electra Glide specs. Series XLT Touring Sportster Unique, restyled gas tank ( 4gal capacity ) Series FLH-1200 Electra Glides First Year. 1977 amf harley davidson flh 1200 electra glide shovelhead. Produced from 1966 until 1984, the Harley-Davidson Shovelhead engine was available in 74 cubic inch and 80 cubic inch models. How do I check the transmission oil level in a 1980 Fat Bob 1340 Shovelhead?. 2004 Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycles for Sale. Changing Transmission Fluid. The King is Dead Long Live the King. If yours is now a sealed inner primary then 1 quart will do ya. 7in 19in front wheel 16in rear wheel Dual 10in disc front brakes Push-button turn signals. I am selling my original 1983 Harley Davidson FLH Shovelhead. of Redline Shockproof in the gearbox, and I blocked off the primary, running automatic trans fluid in it yeeeeeeeeeeears ago. In this version sold from year 1977 , the dry weight is and it is equipped with a V2, four-stroke motor. The chart below shows you the recommended engine oil and the amount of oil you need for each model. 3 See the detailed rating of touring capabilities, reliability, accident risk, etc. If I dont shut off engine whole oil comes out (4 QUARAT)!!! When it is not hot ewerithing it is o. Is that what everyone else is using FLH, so I'll assume it's a HydraGlide type front end. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a RPM Membership, plus free everyday tech . Although this primary system had oil in it, it was still considered a dry clutch. Harley Davidson Oil Filters and Oil Specs. 5 quarts of SAE 20W-50 engine oil, then screw the filler cap into place by hand. We've listed the make and model of bike, its engine capacity and production years, so that you can be double-sure you're ordering the right filter. 1978 Harley-Davidson 74-inch FLH Shovelhead. They resist the devastating effects of extreme heat, even in rally or parade traffic on hot days. Since it's still warm here in California, we're going to use 60 weight oil. The transmission fluid capacity . Sealing an 84 Shovelhead primary. Bonnie John, your manual wouldn't happen to show the cross reference between the actual grades of oil & Harley's brand oils, would it? My Shovelhead manual gives: 10F to 100F = Power Blend Super Premium >80F =Extra Heavy (60 weight?) >60F =Regular Heavy >40F =Medium Heavy -20F to 40F= Special light but not the actual grades. Click on the link in the oil filter or recommended oil* column to proceed Please note - Where only 1 oil type is listed in both the min and best oil spec column it means only 1 oil spec is recommended for use in the bike. • Big Twins were given 12-volt charging system in 1965 to power the new electric starter motors. Cycle World - 1978 FLH-80 Road Test: Cycle World - 1967 FLH Road Test: Keeping Shovels Alive: British Magazine - 1974 FLH 1200: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: Big Bike - 1975 FX & FXE Road Test: Motorcyclist 1977 FLH: Cycle 1975 FLH Road Test: Street Chopper 1980 FLH Hack: Cycle 1973 FLH Road Test. Now that I have to actually buy my own oil, I was wondering if there was something I should be using instead. Launched in 1980, the Wide Glide was a groundbreaking model that ran right up to the end of Shovelhead production in 1984. Electra Glide Heritage FLH : 1981. Mine on my pan was not pleasant to ride with the factory recommended fluid. Sebelum membahas Shovelhead, yuk kita bahas jenis mesin Harley-Davidson sesuai urutan produksinya. Screw the oil tank cap into place. The engine which compared to that of the FLH-80. Older shovels had an oiler screw on the oil pump for lubing the primary chain, caution too much oil will ruin a dry clutch. Harley Davidson Shovelhead Oil Pump Diagram 1968 to 1984 HERE. Ultima® Shovelhead engines use a 1992 & later style oil pump as shown in Stock 1995 FLH® models 36t clutch basket divided by 25t engine . Usually if there's a belt it's an open primary so my guess is there's a chain and needs oil. Bugman said: I searched and didn't really find the answer I was looking for. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 18, 2020. Capacity by Model: -Note that "wet" means you drained the fork leg from the drain plug and plan to refill, while dry means the fork leg has been completely disassembled for a rebuild. The Shovelhead engine was introduced by Harley-Davidson in 1966 and was used until 1984, when it was replaced by the Evolution engine. " The end result is eight liters for fuel, and four liters (4. 1979 harley davidson flh 1200 electra glide 1200cc. Upon Dixiewrecks (Hawgryder) recommendation I tried straight 30 wt oil; hydraulic jack oil. 7 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a RPM Membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket 1978 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide FLH Engine Oil & motorcycle parts. About Shovelhead Parts Vintage. The best oil to use in Panhead engines and transmissions is SAE60. Transmission Fluid – 1 Transmission Fluid - 1. More examples of Harley-Davidson innovation from Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle: • Harley-Davidson 1915 Model 11-F. 1966 only large capacity gas tank (OEM petcock on the right tank). Fuel capacity: 5 gallons Horsepower: 60 horsepower at 5,400 rpm. Be sure to drain the oil completely before proceeding. Shovelhead Service Kit 66-79 Shovelhead Service Kit 80-84. This manual has detailed illustrations as well as step by step written instructions with the necessary diagrams or pictures. changed the oil today,, again,,just bought . 1978-1980 Harley-Davidson FL / FLH Electra Glide, FX / FXE / FXEF / FXS Super Glide Service Repair Manual. Harley Davidson Flh Shovelhead 1974 Factory Service Manual (MT027022) This manual presented for you in electronic format you can just print out the page you need then dispose of it when you have completed your task. Add to this, the birth of ‘chopper’ styling and, most controversial of all, the introduction of Japanese carbs. Frequently Asked Questions. Shovelhead oil line routing. Harley Evo Oil Flow Diagram. Harley-Davidson CVO Tri Glide Specs. Of these models only the Shovelhead has a chain case that is lubed, and is fed by the engine oil. Harley-Davidson recommends 4 quarts of SAE 50 or 60 engine oil in all 1966 through 1984 shovelheads. The Harley-Davidson FL Duo Glide was a v2, four-stroke Custom motorcycle produced by Harley-Davidson between 1958 and 1964. Contact me directly at [email protected] and I'll send you a drawing. Oil could pool in shovelheads rather than return to the crankcase . 4 quarts of 20W-50 Type-SF engine oil. I only have a 2000-2003 Softail service manual and it states 12. Sorry for the newbie post - but that is what I am. To check whether oil is reaching the farthest parts of the engine, the rocker boxes, take the socket cap plugs out of the rocker-boxes and see if oil dribbles out while the engine is running. all HD oil tanks have a drain plug. The Japanese custom scene sets rather than follows trends. Harley Davidson Electra Glide Specs 1970 1971 1972 Autoevolution. 2016 harley davidson flhtcu electra glide ultra classic. The round thing on top is the fill plug. These old bikes have a fair amount of fuel dilution so think about more frequent oil changes than the newer bikes. Next engine was the Evolution , 88 cubic inches which upped the horsepower and torque, higher oil pressure and fewer oil leak problems due to tighter machining tolerances and better construction design. Use the ratchet, 3-inch extension and 5/8-inch socket to remove it. Hotter climates, such as in Arizona, require the use of thicker oil, such as 70-weight oil. Update: AMSOIL now offers dedicated fluid for Harley Davidson primary chain-cases and transmissions. The Harley Davidson Shovelhead engine is a very nice engine. The Panhead Emerges into a Perfect Storm. Shovelhead service manuals used to call for ATF in the forks. Oil capacity on 1996 FLH Electra Glide Classic? How do i drain the oil drain on a harley shovelhead engine? what model first of all. Scotty Moore Elvis Presley S 1966 Flh Electra Glide. I just came back from MH Harley Davidson and …. 1982 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide - FLH Oil Filter Best selection and great deals on 1982 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide - FLH Oil Filter items. I have a 72 FX (basically a FLH in FX clothing). I've always used Harley brand 20W-50(cause I worked at a dealer and it was cheap). The motor has always had a bad rep, probably because it was the motor that AMF bought when it bought the company in 1974. Harley Davidson parts knucklehead panhead shovelhead classic and vintage motorcycles. A Shovelhead produced by Harley Davidson was available between 1966 and 1985. New crankcases and a new bottom end closed the gap between the Panhead and the Shovelhead that in a few years would be in development. First, locate the two shock absorbers. 00 x 16 inch tires and had a top speed of 100 mph. oil filters should be replaced according to the recommended oil change . For extreme conditions use 10 weight or 30 weight accordingly. Report missing specs or required updates. Oil pumps were 30-percent more efficient. 95 15 amp circuit breaker single pole thermal type. 1967 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide. I intended to use chain lube on the primary. While H-D supply their own oil, you definitely don't have to use it to ensure your Harley runs smoothly. The trip reset button is long gone. Routing the oil lines from the oil tank to the engine is simple task. Weight: As a default, use 20wt. 00 x 16 tires front and rear, and a top speed of 95 miles per hour. How do I drain the oil to perform an oil change? What weight oil should I be using? I looked around the garage. Hi Schmidty I am getting close to finishing my '77 FXE project. This guide is designed to help you find the best oil for your Harley. Size32fl-oz Spectro 75W140 Gear Lube. It came with a 5 gallon fuel capacity, (standard), a 4 quart oil capacity, 5. Dont' forget to remind me of what you need. 1967 is the last year of the cast iron oil pump, mouse trap clutch booster, tombstone speedo face. Also take the cap off the oil tank and look for return flow, In both cases oil flow will be sporadic at idle and increase as the engine is revved. The best oil to use in Shovelhead engines and transmissions is SAE60. That radical change was the Shovelhead, but that’s a whole other story. Instead of just being a cover, the new Shovel design was the actual cylinder head, with rocker-arm pivot-points engineered into the casting. Yours might still be hooked up, might not. Harley Shovelhead Oil Tank 1965. The Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide model is a Touring bike manufactured by Harley-Davidson. Sportster shovelhead flh oil capacity, or bobber kits are made right here all work hard, on a load operation. About Oil Tank Santee Shovelhead. Dyna S Ignition Installation Instructions. The first year of the Panhead was also the last year of the springer (leading-link) front end for Harley Big-Twins. The drain plug is on the bottom, towards the rear, on the right rear corner. No one I have talked to has any idea about these oils. The first years (from 1966 to 1978) the capacity of the block was 74 cu. Shovelhead (FLH) Oil Tank Level. 82-FLH Electra Glide: 80ci Shovelhead OHV V-twin with four-speed transmission. But, due to the amount of other . '21 LowRider S, Kinda stock '05 Carbed Night Train (Sold) 111 rwhp, 112 rwtq Best 1/4 ET 12. VT No: 32-0282 OEM No: 26550-57 Oil pressure sender unit provides a warning when the oil pressure drops below the desired running pressure. The color schemes for the FLH were: Sparkling Burgundy, Black, Sparkling Purple, Sparkling Blue, Sparkling Red, Sparkling Turquoise, and Sparkling America, (Red, White. You will want to consider 10wt and 30wt under more extreme conditions (riding-wise or temperature-wise). Harley Davidson Shovelhead Generator Dash FLH FL Miami Mall. Harley’s flagship was slow and bloated compared to the opposition. When manufactured the bike would use engine oil to lube the primary. Tank Santee Shovelhead Oil. FWIW I've been running 20W-50 conventional engine oil since 2001 engine work. 1977 harley davidson flh 1200 electra glide cycle warehouse. Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho. ” The end result is eight liters for fuel, and four liters (4. All the info I find shows 2 lines side by side on the top of the oil pump. Complete 3-Hole Oil Change 2LaneLife Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road. As far as spring preload goes, I like to have 1 1/2" of fork compression when sitting on the bike, and NO more than 2". Most shovelhead oil pump lines are routed the same way. 1971 Shovelhead For Harley Davidson Motorcycles Cycle Trader. The FLT was more a completely new machine in comparison to the FX editions. As you can imagine, the holes in the follower etc are bloody small so any garbage which may be in the oil MUST be removed before it reaches the follower block. Electra Glide FLHF : 1965–1975. Next on the Shovel agenda were two variations in 1980, the FLT and the Sturgis. Togashi-san's client simply asked him to build a bobber, leaving the. The next year 1984 was the last for the shovelhead. Dennis Kirk carries more 1985 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide - FLH Oil Filter products than any other aftermarket vendor and we have them all at the lowest guaranteed prices. Be sure to check your owner’s manual or the AMSOIL Product Guide for the correct primary oil capacity for your bike. Frame designed allowing oil pump removal with engine in the Frame. 78 FL/FLH FX FXE FXS Shovelhead Owners Manual by Harley Davidson (78_Shovel_OM - Not a shop manual) $ Add to. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Transmission Fluid Change. Accurately reproduced by V-Twin MFG. Dennis Kirk carries more 1982 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide - FLH Oil Filter products than any other aftermarket vendor and we have them all at the lowest guaranteed prices. When it gets down to the first frost, rule of thumb is you would drop to 50 weight oil, it's thinner, easier on the motor, well it takes less time to warm up to the operating temperature. His personal motorcycles include a 1950 Triumph land speed bike (and current record holder at Bonneville Salt Flats), 1959 Harley Panhead chopper, stock 1965 Triumph Bonneville, stock 1969 Harley FLH, and a 1975 Shovelhead chopper. For this demonstration, we're using a 2014 Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Boy Lo with a 103-ci engine. During production of the 1978 model year, a larger engine was offered on the FL touring bikes. Type air-cooled, four-stroke, 45-degree V-Twin, OHV Displacement 1450 cm3 Bore X Stroke 3. engine and chassis of Harley-Davidson's long-running OHV Big Twin. What do you recommend I use in the transmission . Dyna 2000i ignition troubleshooting Glossary of Some Basic Tuning Terms. From 1966 to 1977, the Harley-Davidson Shovelhead displaced 74 cubic-inches. 1983 Harley Davidson FLH Shovelhead touring. 77-FLH-1200: 1,200cc Shovelhead OHV V-twin with four-speed transmission. 75 gallons with a one-gallon oil capacity. When filling the transmission, use Harley-Davidson. Use 25W-50 oil if you live in a high altitude, such as Denver. HD Hydra-Glide fork oil is for 1966 to 1969 models. Harley Davidson-HD 1984-1998 FLH-FLHT-FXR-FXSB-FXEF Service Manual. knucklehead EL FL 1936-1947 Panhead EL FL FLH 1948-1965 Shovelhead FL FLH 1966-1984. Join the 68 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide discussion group or the general Harley-Davidson discussion group. Rating sample for this Harley-Davidson bike Offroad capabilities for the 1968 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide: (34. Therefore, I thought I would share with everyone some Harley-Davidson fork oil specifications – in particular, information regarding the proper fork oil weight to use and capacities for major models. We believe in "being all-in to go all-out" is reflected in our quality motorcycle . Assuming your not using forward controls. Oil Deflector Plate Gasket for Harley-Davidson Shovelhead FLH, FL and FX (1966-82) This is a 1980 part number 60559-80 but, it works all the way back to 1965 and is used to stop oil leaks where the starter bolts up, at the back of the inner primary!. Dedicated to the Harley-Davidson Panhead, Flathead, Knucklehead and Shovelhead. Harley-Davidson : Other 1972 harley davidson flh shovelhead outstanding restoration. Joined Apr 11, 2020 · 34 Posts. Harley Davidson-FLH Electra Glide 1970 manual v2_2. This is my first Harley and I bought a 1979 (early) FLH-80. 1978 Harley Davidson Flh Motorcycles for sale. MSRP depends on country, taxes, accessories, etc. Chain oiler screw is located on oil pump body side facing rearwards and visible behind brake/footpeg assembly on mine. oil Recommendations For break-in and standard operation of the Ultima Shovelhead engine we recommend using high quality petroleum based API service SJ rated motor oils, such as Ultima’s 60 weight oil, MW# 103-111. First generation electric start oil tank. These old original shovelhead a are becoming very rare and collectable ! Mileage is only 20615 original miles on the speedo. About Breakers Circuit Shovelhead. Avoid using automotive oil, as specialty motorcycle oil . but I couldn't find what i should use for oil. In the Evolution 1340, Big Twins 1450, and V-Rods, AM-. Asking $7500, For Sale By Owner in LUVERNE MN 56156, Contact Rollie at 844-323-0010 ext: 43962 for more information. Harley Shovelhead gas-tank emblems were the same from 1966 through 1976. 2010 Big Bear Choppers Devils Advocate ProStreet 100 Carb. Harley Davidson-SPORSTER-EVOLUTION OILO CHANGE. 2012 harley davidson super glide custom f x caprara. of 25W-60 weight oil in stock Shovelhead engines built between 1966 and 1978. Transmission Oil Check 1980 FXEF Shovelhead. engine and chassis of Harley-Davidson’s long-running OHV Big Twin. 0 in OR 94 mm Compression Ratio - Horsepower 67/5200 KW(hp)/RPM.