japanese bayonet value. Ref: XXX - 1942-1944 Pig Sticker Bayonet No. LATE WWII JAPANESE TYPE 30 ARISAKA BAYONET WITH. This rare Japanese WW2 pole bayonet would make a fine addition to any bayonet or World War II collection. , Long Branch, Ontario, Canada' 'Crown Corporation Small Arms Ltd. See Additional Information for shipping dimensions. The Japanese Arisaka Type 38 rifles were all turn bolt-operated, with five-round non-detachable staggered row box magazines. Sword bayonet 30th year type with scabbard. The Type 38 rifle was a "long gun" and optimized to use the Type 30 infantry bayonet set at the . Email · Facebook · Pinterest · Twitter · $259. “30” means the 30th year of the Emperor Meji, which was 1897. Cracking around the muzzle ring was still a problem, so it was widened further. WWII Japanese Bayonet Type 30Tokyo Made. HelloHave anyone seen this factory marking on an Arisaka bayonet before? There are no other markings on it. Right: Elsewhere, a man is left blindfolded and tied up. The story behind this, if you know how you acquired it, would give this piece historic and/or sentimental value. Plus, instead of putting a dollar value on each piece they are listed according to availability and scarcity. Description: Physical Description: Japanese Arisaka Type 38 rifle, 6. I generally come across bayonets that range from $125 – $200. International customers call 01-715-557-1688. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands . This is rather uncommon sho Click for more info. A 16-year-old girl who had been gang-raped and infected with venereal disease by Japanese soldiers during the Nanking Massacre. Bright fullered blade with staining and light sharpening. Each Japanese rifle was marked with the symbol of either the arsenal of manufacture or the arsenal that supervised the manufacturing . FLK-0011-RJ 1876 French Gras Bayonet. Bayonet:: WWII Japanese Arisaka Bayonet and scabbard. Shows the beginnings of diminished . Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Here are my purchasing rules when I come across a Japanese Bayonet and I don’t have my reference books with me. Japanese WWII Bayonet (Type 30 - A) Unmarked Blade / Training. 48 The first abrasions start to appear on the spine. 20 1/8" long with 15 5/8" blade. The Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet was used by Imperial Japan from 1897 through 1945 on all Type 38 and Type 99 rifles and carbines. Jinsen was the Japanese name for the Korean seaport of Inchon. Late War – Worth More Exotic Markings – Worth More Wooden Scabbards – Worth More Leather Frogs – Worth More. Military Bayonets for militaria collectors : Luftwaffe German K98 Bayonet, WW1 British 1907 Vickers Lee-Enfield bayonet, WW1 1905 US SPRINGFIELD, 1941 WW2 German Mauser Bayonet. Don't have a picture of it, but the marking is like that which BradB posted on the top of page 3 of this thread. This value fluctuates depending on the location and its condition. What is the value of a militaria bayonet ? Well it depends, but an Original WW2 German K98 Bayonet Elite Diamant will be found around $500 while a more common WWII Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Bayonet should be below $100. The two official organizations, The Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords (NBTHK) and The Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword (NTHK), judge Japanese swords and provide documentation of valuable blades. Beautifully made and prepared with proper markings on the hilt and ricasso. 7 mm Japanese Finish: blue Grips: Serial Number: 4637 Condition:. 99 and Kiffe apparently sold a lot of them as they are very common today. Get the best deals on Japanese Bayonet when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. ****SALE ITEMS**** Anti-Axis Antique Firearms Antique Toys, Cannons, Soldiers, Etc Arizona Territorial Ephemera Automotive Antiques, Sportscar Aviation Wings Cloth Metal Award Documents Bayonets Bayonets British Bayonets German Bayonets Japanese Bayonets Other Bayonets US Books & Manuals Buckles Civil War-Indian War-SAW Daggers Equipment. Tokyo Army Arsenal (1898–1923). Here you can see five examples of arsenal symbols. Currently Japanese bayonets go for $70 and up depending on the quality of the bayonet and what Here are my purchasing rules when I come across a Japanese Bayonet and I don't have my. Value? M1907 Hooked Quillon Bayonet. The Japanese Army has a strong partiality for the night attack. The design consisted of wooden grips secured via the use of two rivets. NOT SOLD (BIDDING OVER), HIGH BID WAS. For more information about a bayonet analysis, please click the attached link. Edged Weapons └ Original WW II Japanese Collectibles └ Original Period Items └ WW II (1939-45) └ Militaria └ Collectibles Все категории Antiques Art Baby Books & Magazines Business & Industrial. Mar 26, 10:00 AM EDT M1873 TRAPDOOR SPRINGFIELD SOCKET BAYONET LOT OF. Be the first to review this product . The blade is marked with the Kokura Arsenal symbol. An early 20th century Japanese Type 30 1897 bayonet in scabbard, pattern 1904/05, wood grips, hooked quillion, blue fullered 40 cm blade. Japanese Bayonet -field modified to Type 100. The quillion is the straight type and is blued as is the pommel. The blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel. 9091018 stamped on bottom of pommel. Our Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet Personalized version can be sharpened and engraved! The Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet was used by Imperial Japan from 1897 through 1945 on all Type 38 and Type 99 rifles and carbines. Even though the rifles were updated several times, this model bayonet was continued for the later rifles. It is sharpened on the last 2/3 of the edge, for. Japanese Ww2 Jinsen Arsenal Type 30 Arisaka Bayonet Scabbard Frog Buy: $249. A great example of the standard Jap Type 99 rifle, chambered for 7. Very nice bayonet, scabbard has surface rust. About the top bayonet: As you mentioned, this bayonet has the arsenal stamp used by Tokyo. The item featured here is the standard issue Arisaka bayonet. how much is a Ww2 Japanese Used French Chassepot Bayonet worth?. 00 Our firearms and accessories are best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer with at least a 15" high rez screen. The site I had come across is this one: Markings on Japanese Arisaka Rifles and Bayonets of World War II The one you posted has . Here we have a unique Naval example of a Japanese (Variation O) Type 30 Bayonet by Matsushita Kinzoku KK Arsenal (National Denki). c rowland argentina model 1909 artillery. WWII JAPANESE BAYONET NAGOYA ARCENAL MARK WITH SCABBARD MINTY #w60 Buy: $175. Unknown lettering embossed on wood grip present. Japan is one of the most atheist countries on the planet, but many people like to say that the national religion is being Japanese. Weight: 23 oz: Dimensions: 21 × 4 × 2 4 hours ago Type 30 Japanese Bayonet Its value and when it was made. Russian used Japanese Type 35 Arisaka bayonet. 7mm round more powerful than the 6. (B) World War II Japanese bayonet marked "Nagoya" with leather frog. As World War 2 pushed on, the Japanese bayonet quality control rapidly deteriorated and the bayonet was modified to save. The bayonet has straight wood grips and an unfullered blue blade. Manufacturer Marking Tokyo Army Arsenal (1898–1923) Kokura Army Arsenal (1924–1945) Hikari Seiki Seisakusho KK1 (Precision Optical Manufacturing Corp. It has been a bit since we put up a Japanese Firearms video, and in this one we take a look at the Type 30 bayonet and its variants. It has the 4 circle mark on the blade of the Kokura Arsenal but was made by a subcontractor Toyo Kogyo between 1939 - 1945. Nambu World: Japanese Type 30 Bayonets for the Arisaka Rifle. $125: GG-1687 WWII Japanese Arisaka Bayonet. Like the M3, the leather handle of the M4 was susceptible to mildew and rot. Japanese type 30, variation H combat bayonet that is in excellent condition with very nice bluing through out. Japanese Paratrooper Bayonet JB-128. Vintage bayonets (edged weapon). This bayonet was used by Imperial Russia, it does not have any Russian markings but came from the Russian Western front area. As employed by the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII. BAYONET LOT JAPANESE SWEDEN BULGARIA ITALIAN by Milestone Auctions. These appear to have been there since its period of use. For immediate response to all enquiries, and fast and efficient processing of your order using credit card payment over the phone, p lease phone the store on 07 46385565. Japanese sword appraisal: What is your blade worth?. Appraising a Japanese sword will generally focus on certain areas of the piece. earlyJapanese Arisaka Rifle and Bayonet, c. This form of combat favors the bayonet fighting stressed in infantry . I wasn't able to clearly translate the Kanji characters on the label. Rare Japanese Type 35 Naval Bayonet Trials Type 30 Japanese Arisaka bayonet Tokyo Variation A. WWII Japanese Type 30 Bayonet for Sale. Early World War II Japanese Type 99 Sniper Rifle with Bayonet. Japanese 1856 Enfield Bayonet Japanese made model with crude 'knight's head' logo (for W. 1 vintage late-War Japanese World War II last ditch pole bayonet available. This rifle is serial numbered "165" on the rear receiver bridge. 5mm used in the Type 38 and designed the Type 99 around the new round. So if you do not find the Japanese sword you are looking for here, do not be shy, just ask. Currently Japanese bayonets go for $70 and up depending on the quality of the bayonet and what markings are on it. Based on realized auction and sale values for comparable Japanese bayonets in similar oxidized condition, a reasonable range for yours would be $150-$200. Most of these bayonets are not rare, but all are becoming scarce in very-good condition. The pommel was of metal construction and housed the release push button. Two Japanese WWII era bayonets. What is Ww2 japanese bayonet sword worth?. Japanese Arisaka Bayonet - The japanese armed forces employed the Arisaka The item featured here is the standard issue Arisaka bayonet. Left: A Chinese woman is tied to a pole and forcibly kissed by a Japanese soldier. Kirschbaum) on end of the pommel with serial number 154. Thread starter EnvoyToTheMolePeople. Two Japanese WWII era bayonets. At Float Values close to the maximum, about 20% of the paint layer is peeled on the blade. Original Japanese WW2 Bayonet with Scabbard. SOLD JAPANESE WAR RELICS WANTED! We Pay in Advance! text or call: 763-689-1146. WWI Bayonets from all countrys WWII US Bayonets WWII German Bayonets WWII Japanese Bayonet WWII Russian bayonets. $125: GG-1680 WW2 German NSDAP Serving Platter. Bayonets - M1 Garand Bayonet M-1945 Marked. The new production bayonets were made with black plastic grips similar to those seen on the M5/M5A1 bayonets. Japanese Type 30 Combat Bayonet JB-120. Produced as a side knife for Rangers and paratroopers, this Bayonet follows the overall pattern of the standard issue blades with changes to make the weapon more compact. Toyoda made bayonets from 1938-1945. The top of the tang is stamped with the logo of the Toyada Automatic Loom Works next to the approval stamp of Nagoya Arsenal, with a pair. Japanese 1866 Chassepot Bayonet The French 1866 bayonet is made by P. Bayonets can be found at gun shows, antique stores and at the many The terrifying banzai charges by Japanese troops during WWII were . This weapon also doubles up as a spear. Float Value of Bayonet | Freehand ranges from 0. Our high quality reproduction is a pre-1937 style with a quillion. View sold price and similar items: World War II Japanese bayonet, from Link Auction Galleries on February 5, 0122 10:00 AM CST. Japanese Bayonets: The Definitive Work on Japanese Bayonets 1870 to the Present And - of course - the great reference works by Kiesling, by which all other bayonet works are measured. Model 1902 Army Saber & 2) 1897 French Gras Rifle Bayonet. The value of a World War 1 1907 Wilkinsonâ??s bayonet is about $200 as of 2014. Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet to bring out the original finish is actually beneficial, but cleaning such blades may ruin their value. 5 mm with forged-steel bayonet; partially eradicated chrysanthemum stamp on receiver. This designation is one that has been applied by post-WWII collectors. Japanese Arisaka Rifle and Bayonet, c. Featured Refinements Japanese Bayonet. The bayonet features nice wraparound wood grips and a hooked quillon. It was even attached to light machine guns!. Confederate Weapons (2) By Price. Japanese bayonets were stamped with symbols indicating at which arsenal they where manufactured. Alternatively, head to our Contact Us page and send an email using form provided. The Arsenal is Koishikawa/Tokyo. Japanese Bayonet Markings And Value Estimated value for a T-38 carbine in this condition with mismatched numbers, ground mum, missing dustcover will be in the $150-$175 range. Beginning in 1954, the M4 bayonet received further improvements. WW2 Japanese Bayonet Scabbard WW2 Japanese Bayonet Scabbard as used with all Japanese Bayonets as issued with the Type 38 and Type 99 rifles. Luneschloss) with Japanese characters along the fuller of the blade. With Certificate of Authenticity & for sale through Gettysburg Museum of History website. Following their experience in China, the Japanese military developed a 7. These Japanese shin guntos / katanas, wakizashis, sabres, dirks and tantos in my collection are available for sale. Were there bayonet charges in World War 2?. This Japanese bayonet also fits on the older 6. There is an almost not visible tiny nick in the blade toward the front. Scabbard is missing the stud to attach to the frog and has a couple of dents by the drag, otherwise good overall condition. It may have the “Rocking star” (“star & anchor”) marking believed to be associated with the Toyokawa Naval Arsenal or be devoid of any markings, . If you need further information, please request such on the Weapons Identification Service page. BAYONET & SCABBARD for the WW2 Japanese Paratroop rifles, Type 100 SMG, and Type 99/38 rifles. Japanese Type 30 School Training Bayonet. Scabbard retains approximately 50% of its finish, with patina. Now of course, I am not going to pay that kind of money for just any ordinary . I would like to know when it was made and a value. Some rare, some extremely so, . GG-1689 Japanese helmet shell with post war modification by Thailand. This item is listed for historical interest only. Lot consists of: (A) World War II Japanese bayonet marked "Hoten" with light freckling and staining to approximately 50% of the blade. A Nagoya Arsenal, late World War2, “last ditch” bayonet and scabbard. Ww2 japanese bayonet sword has been appraised by a professional specialist. The maker's mark on this example is of the 2nd style, with the Kanji inside the diamond pointing downward. , Long Branch, Ontario, Canada' £45. Good shape; knife is dull and could use being . This bayonet measures 20" long and was given to me as part of my Grandpa's collection from WWII. These markings are shown below: Tokyo Arsenal. Great War 1907 SMLE Bayonet Reissued for Suez 1956. Obviously made in Japan for Kiffe, there is still some question . Yours would be significantly below that. - Japanese (9) Bayonets US - WW 1 to Present (5) Bayonets Saber & Knife US (24) Bayonets US Socket (33) By Price. BBL: 25 1/2 inch round Stock: hardwood Gauge: 7. (Precision Optical Manufacturing Corp. Using a chart from 1-10 readers can determine their own set of values and pricing. Condition of bayonet is very good, and the blade is relatively thick due to the intended use. Discover the valuation of Ww2 japanese bayonet sword and find its true value. Japanese 'Special Purpose' Type 100. This is the Japanese model known to collectors as the Special Purpose Model of the Type 100 Japanese WWII bayonet. Metal scabbard with about 70% blued finish remaining. The blued steel scabbard retains much of its original finish with some freckling and minor dings$125. Grips are dark with age and blued fittings are very good. gets to the point with a huge collection of bayonets for sale Ersatz knife bayonet with small walnut grips and 31cm fullered blade, . Comes with metal scabbard with multiple dings and some paint loss. Got these bayonets from my late uncle's estate. The bayonet pommel bears a serial number marking and has some surface rust. WWII Japanese Type 30 Kokura Arsenal Arisaka Bayonet with Leather Frog $ 150. Japanese Bayonets The Definitve Work on Japanese Bayonets 1870 to the Present written by Larry Johnson with a total of 152 pages. Japanese Bayonet Frogs - Late mfg, new for Type 99 and Type 38 bayonets. Japanese Bayonet Manufacturer Guide. The Type 38 was adopted into Imperial Japanese Service in 1905. Vintage WWII Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Military Bayonet & Scabbard Type 99 38. Japanese infantrymen were such great believers in the value of the bayonet that even light machine gunners had their bayonets fixed in battle, even when not engaged in actual hand-to-hand combat. This Japanese Type 30 bayonet was made by the Matsushita Kinzoku and is one of the last varients of Arisaka bayonet made. A paratrooper's rifle in good condition might be worth as much as a $1,000. Originally made by Toyoda Automatic Loom, this bayonet was used primarily by Paratroops with the Type 100 SMG, Type 100 and 2 breakdown models of the Paratroop Arisaka Rifle. This book is a collective effort by Raymond LaBar and other collectors to put into print the information available today and to introduce many new, never before documented Japanese bayonets. Blade length is 14-3/4" with an overall length of 19-1/4". 5mm japanese; 70% blue, poor bore, poor stock, 19'' barrel, japanese tye 44 carbine in poor overall condition. Japanese militaria collectors and bayonet enthusiasts have long awaited an updated comprehensive reference on Japanese bayonets and here it is!! In this book the author. Model 1902 Army Saber & 1897 French U. They can be found in a number of variants, the most often seen without the hooked "blade-breaker" quillon or straight cross. The rifle has the standard Type 99 adjustable tangent. These are the type 30 series of bayonets, originally for the Type 30 Arisaka Rifle. Show 2 more like this A Japanese World War II Type 30 1897 bayonet in scabbard, 2nd pattern, 40 cm blued blade, arsenal marks for Toyada Jidoshaki Siesakusho. Japanese leather scabbard with steel fittings with. Currency:USD Category:Firearms & Military Start Price:60. Japanese Marked Enfield or Snyder Sword Bayonet . The bayonet, or juken, that was produced to fit the developing Arisaka rifle at the end of the 19th century was designated the Meiji 30 (1897. The blade of this bayonet measures 15 7/8". Item Description: Translate description Unsharpened blade condition is excellent. What is the value of: Japanese Rifle, bolt action Japanese bayonet from WWII ? These were my father's and have been sitting in my garage for several years. This is an early production, three digit serial number WWII Japanese Type 99 sniper rifle that was manufactured at the Toriimatsu factory under the Nagoya Arsenal. Japanese Arisaka Type 38 rifle, 6. Japanese Army Arisaka Bayonet - The japanese armed forces employed the Arisaka bayonet as their standard edge weapon. Scabbard also shows wear consistent with age and use. Any history, info, value would be much appreciated. Brass handle with some patina with serial number 1735 on the crossguard. Japanese WW2 Arisaka rifles were quality, battlefield weapons — and are eagerly sought by firearms collectors. BLUED, NON-FULLERED BLADE IS TOTALLY UNMARKED. The rifle has seen heavy use, bit is in overall pretty good condition. Very nice ww2 Japanese ARISAKA type 99 bayonet for sale. Rarity: R3 Condition: VG+ Price: $600. Model 1902 Army Saber & 1897 French Gras Rifle Bayonet Lot comprising 1) U. To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email [email protected] Exceptional Japanese Koshikawa Arsenal Type 44 Bolt Action Carbine with Folding BayonetThis is an exceptional example of an early Type 44 Calvary carbine that was manufactured by the Koishikawa (Tokyo) Arsenal, with the early short type first variation front bayonet housing with assembly number "5325" ("Military Rifles of Japan, 2nd Edition", Honeycutt, pg 68). Less than $100 (4) $100-$250 (31) More than $250 (105) Confederate (2) By Category. Primary Interest: All Treasure Hunting. STILL RETAINS THE BIRDS HEAD POMMEL. Nice package of Japanese Ariska 99 short rifle. Very nice vet bring back ORIGL sling bayonet mum pod dust cover etc for sale by The Hunters Shop on GunsAmerica - 964671342. Japanese Training Bayonet. UWK-0181-RJ WWII Era US Navy Ka-Bar Mk2 Fighting Knife. Current list of collectible bayonets from Japan, China and the Far East for sale to bayonet collectors. 4 MKII by Crown Corporation Small Arms Ltd. Correct me if I have the wrong information on this WWII Japanese Bayonet. Bayonets & Swords - SOUTHERN CROSS MILITARIA PTY LTD. The link below shows it as a common WWII-era bayonet for standard-issue Arisaka rifles. The Type 30 bayonet (三十年式銃剣, sanjūnen-shiki jūken) was a bayonet designed for the Imperial Japanese Army to be used with the Arisaka Type 30 Rifle and was later used on the Type 38 and Type 99 rifles and Types 96 and 99 light machine guns. 7 MM, this rifle is in representative condition of most Japanese surrender guns. Arisaka bayonet marking ?. Bayonets are derived from the French word Baionette which means a knife or sword shape weapon. Marked with the logo for Hikari Seiki Seisakusho arsenal (Tokyo Hourglass). ULK-0009-RJ US Indian 1873 Socket Bayonet with Scabbard and Hanger. the top 'bayonet' appears to be ww2 Japanese rifle bayonet the bottom 'bayonet' appears to be an early US 1903 The value of the German World war 1 Bayonet ranges between $70 and about $90. The grips are dinged but the blade is unsharpened and very nice. socket bayonets and leather scabbard indian wars model 1872 cavalry officer sword us springfield m1873 & dutch socket bayonet lot span-am war m1873 trowel bayonet by waterville us springfield 1873 & remington export bayonets span-am war us model 1873 trowel bayonet usma model 1872 cadet sword by w. Japanese Bayonet Article about: This bayonet measures 20" long and was given to me as part of my Grandpa's collection from WWII. The painted bamboo scabbard has a leather frog with 2 small brass, 5 pointed, stars added to the attaching strap. Leather frog is intact and shows use. 00 WW1/WW2 JAPANESE J HOOK MILITARY BAYONET w WOOD HANDLE Japan 20" 15". Nambu World: Japanese Type 30 Bayonets for the Arisaka Rifle *****See the bottom of this page for a link to great new book on Japanese bayonets!!!!***** The most common Japanese bayonet by far was the Type 30, which was used on most of the Japanese rifles from 1897 to 1945. This bayonet was designed to fit the Type 30 (1897), Type 35 (1902), Type 38 (1905) and Type 99 (1939) Japanese Rifles and Carbines. Inchon was the site of the first naval battle of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05, after which Japan occupied Korea from 1905–1945. Yours has a fairly corroded pommel but the site puts a value in nice collectable condition at around $120 (in 2016). The Type 99 is one of the most commonly found Japanese military rifles with approximately 2. They were loaded with five-round stripper clips, a flat metal piece holding a five-round. Blade appears mostly bright, showing some honest use. Siamese Mauser Bayonet Here Is An Example Of A Japanese Made Bayonet Sold To Siam ( Now Thailand ) The Script Dates It To 1902. LATE WWII JAPANESE TYPE 30 ARISAKA BAYONET WITH NO MARKINGS. $125: GG-1688 WWII Japanese Arisaka Bayonet. $300 or less (0) $300-$2000 (0). Vintage WWll Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet- 10665. 00, bayonet and scabbard, depending on condition. Original/Reproduction Original. The wood grips are riveted together and in great shape. See Special Terms for additional fees. Items exceeding the value of. This bayonet will not fit on a rifle--it was meant to be lashed to a pole. Bayonets of Japan is intended to enlighten the reader with a comprehensive educational and pictorial reference for the many variations of Japanese bayonets. It is still a good value but the strap should be a little longer and made out of. Rayond LaBar's 25 years of collecting and researching Japanese bayonets are complied in this 480 page hard cover book with over 1100 color photos. Main Factors When Determining Value. Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image!. the carbine is missing the bayonet & assembly screws, handguard and buttplate, the bolt is mismatched and the mum ground. We value our customers and want you to . Kokura Army Arsenal (1924–1945). Ain't worth it! These are all over and common, unfortunately not valued high. Both guard and pommel have minor wear to the blue. Bayonets European all styles (84) Bayonets - German (16) Bayonets, etc. The un-fullered blade is blued and is in very good condition although it has minor areas of wear. Price for this excellent nicely marked Australian, Lithgow, Bayonet with . All metal, including the scabbard, is nicely blued and the wood scales have a satin polished look. The scabbard is dent free with excellent bluing also. Japanese Type 30 Bayonet - Osaka (broken die) Made by Kokura/Osaka (broken die) on the blade with the serial number on the end of the pommel. The value of a Japanese soldier's rifle from World War II varies on model and condition. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. At Rare Collectibles TV, we offer the finest in rare coins, US coins and currency, gold, silver, art, and collectibles. Bayonet, Japanese, Model 1897/1905, Description: Bayonet, Japanese, Model 1897/1905, fits either 6. The Type 30 were introduced in 1897 and it was this bayonet design that would plagued the American Troopers during WWII. When the rifle first went into production in 1939 a. Has full clear mum, dust cover, cleaning rod, airplane sights, and slinb swivels. Same arsenal marks on the ricasso. The Type 30 bayonet (三十年式銃剣, sanjūnen-shiki jūken) was a Markings on Japanese Arisaka Rifles and Bayonets of World War II The . $300 or less (0) $300-$2000 (0) More than $2000 (2) Holsters, Belts, Hangers etc (72) By Category. WWII Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Bayonet Toyoda will ship a japanese bayonets second hand article with some details : has been restored,has damages . Japanese bayonets were marked on the ricasso with a symbol, or combination of symbols, in order to indicate the arsenal, or contractor who made them. Americans bayoneting civilians etc. Krag-Jorgenson bayonet dated 1898, blued scabbard with steel belt hook; Japanese Model 1897 bayonet with straight U. Complete with scabbard and frog. Unsharpened blade condition is excellent. Early manufacture without a serial number. I often have Japanese edged weapons on their way to me or undergoing refurbishment. The copy I just received barely fit an original Type 30 bayonet & scabbard, the strap is barely long enough to reach through the loop on the scabbard. Yataghan fullered blade with some sharpening, cleaning and sharpening. A lot of five bayonets Including a U. Recent findings of Japanese wartime documents, however, mention the title of this bayonet as the "Test Type One Knife Bayonet". early to mid 20th century, serial number 97560, walnut stock, blued-steel parts, with characters on receiver and Five Bayonets, late 19th to mid-20th century, Five Bayonets, late 19th to mid-20th century, a trapdoor Springfield bayonet and scabbard, a Japanese. Well it depends, but an Original WW2 German K98 Bayonet Elite Diamant will be found around $500 while a more common WWII Japanese Type 30 . The Japanese Americans, known as Nisei, served in the 100th/442nd believed the tiny nearby hamlet of Biffontaine had no tactical value. The most common Japanese bayonet by far was the Type 30, which was used on most of the Japanese rifles from 1897 to 1945. This fine rifle is complete with early Type 30 hook bayonet, with the polished blade and steel scabbard. I will provide a bayonet identification analysis which includes a detailed description, its rarity and market value for the very reasonable price of $5 for each bayonet or edged weapon. With Tokyo Arsenal stamp with early inspector's mark. Japanese 'Special Purpose' Type 100. Great condition ORIGINAL WWII Japanese type 30 bayonet & scabbard. any ideas what these markings are, they're on what's supposedly a Japanese bayonet from around ww2 but I don't really know. Bayonets for Sale at Online Auction. WWII Japanese type 30 bayonet lot - no Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet | Gun Values Board. One of the more commonly known Japanese bayonets is called the Type 30 Arisaka or 30th Year bayonet. The blued blade is very nice with some light salt and pepper spotting. 1950s / Japan Maker: NPJ Model: M-1. WWII Type 30 Japanese Bayonet + Scabbard & Frog Toyada Jido Shokki Seisakusho.