38 p ammo. Hornady Critical Defense Handgun Ammo -. After all, the ammo countries have to load ammo to be safe in the weakest/oldest/most wornout firearm that may be chambered for it. "Is +p ammunition really necessary?" It depends on the caliber and/or the firearm being used, generally. The numbers are always solid: 900 fps and 284 ft/lbs of energy, …. All Hornady ammunition is loaded using premium cartridge cases, with most being made on-site at the Hornady case production plant. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. critical defense 38 special +p ammo. The typical JHP was passing through like hardball ammo causing little damage. +P+ loads are above 20,000 psi. 38 Special ? Reason is that I have a couple boxes of +P and since this will be the girlfriend's home defense pistol (she. Our products will effectively meet your needs. It's an identical case to the old. 99 AMMO BROTHERS Ammo Bros Reloads 38 spc 158gr 250rds $79. 38 special ammunition for sale is a rimmed, centerfire round that was originally designed by Smith & Wesson at the end of the 19th century. 38 Spc +P 158 GR Lead Hollow Point (L $ 19. Speer Gold Dot Ammunition is loaded with bonded core bullets and is designed for critical defense needs. 38 Special +P, Number of Rounds: 50 0 Review(s) 0 0 5 Write a Review ×. , particularly when used in a …. 00 Add to cart 58 PAPER FLAT LEAD REPRODUCTION 308 NORMA MAGNUM BRASS SOFT POINT PROOF. 95 Or if you are really recoil sensitive these would work pretty well, non-plus p and low velocity. 95 Gun Show Appearances: Click each location for more details or view the full calendar below. winchester 38 special +p ranger 130gr jhp 500rd case CA, MA and NY customers must have ammo sent to an FFL NJ and IL, email of copy of your NJ FID or IL FOID along with your order number to [email protected] The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. The general assumption by many is that +P self defense handgun ammo is more deadly or lethal and that it will make bad guys collapse like the life has been sucked out of them. small barrel handguns will be easier to shoot using. Gold Dot Short Barrel Personal Protection 38 Special +P Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Depending on your make and model of pistol, +P ammunition may be recommended only in limited servings, may be completely fine, or the manufacturer may strenuously advise that it never be used. Due to rapidly increasing labor, shipping and raw material costs brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic and other current causes it has become necessary for us . 38 Special · CCI Blazer Brass -. It is most commonly used in revolvers …. It is most commonly used in revolvers like so many smaller "38 snub's," although some semi-automatic pistols and carbines also use this round. CCI Speer Gold Dot 38 Special+P 135 Grain Hollow Point 20 Rounds - $21. 30-06 Ammo 30-06 Ammo, 30 06 Ammo. #3 38 Super – 110-Grain JHP – Koenig Defense. Federal HST Micro 38 Special Ammo 130 Grain +P Jacketed Hollow Point. , 130gr, FMJ, Box of 50 · Federal American Eagle -. If you have a 1911 chambered in. Take aim on incredibly low prices! The Sportsman's Guide is the only place you need to search for quality. Select A Caliber or Gauge Below To View Recipes. The new Buffalo Bore Heavy 38 SPL+p ammo will maximize the effectiveness of your 38 SPL revolver. 22 air guns as well as the full spectrum o. 38 Special +P, FTX, 110 Grain, 25 Rounds quantity Add to cart Categories: 38 Special Ammo , Ammo Store , Ammunition , Shop …. 357 Sig Sauer Pre-Fragmented Bullet, 64 Grain (10 Rounds) - 357SIG. 38 special ammo will have the least amout of muzzle energy,. Federal Law Enforcement 38 Special Ammo 129 Grain +P Hydra-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point. Sig Sauer Romeo5 1x20mm Red Dot Sight, Black - R52001 - $119. Any ammunition in any other caliber marked “+P” is not SAAMI. Modern ammunition is often marked. We search for the best ammo prices so you don't have to. “Super” Super: Buffalo Bore 38 Super +P Ammo – Handgun Planet. The Hogue grip soaks up a lot of …. PMC Bronze 38 Super +P Ammo 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket - 38SA PMC Bronze 38 Super +P Ammo 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 38 Super ammunition only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. To determine whether or not they are +P or +P+ rated, Call you manufacturer or gunsmith. 38 Special - 110 Grain - 25 Rounds SKU: 1590068. 38 Special +P 110gr DPX Corbon Ammo | 20 Round Box Be the first one to write a review DPX38110/20. 38 Special Lead Ammo that are built for quality and consistency. Passing even the FBI's ammunition test, this round is great for both self-defense and carry situations. The law here is if you carry a revolver for armed security work it must be a. Typing your keyword such as Hornady Critical Defense Ammo 38 Special P 110 Grain Flex Tip Buy Hornady Critical Defense Ammo 38 Special P 110 Grain Flex Tip Reviews : Best Price!! Where I Can Get Online Clearance Deals on Hornady Critical Defense Ammo 38 Special …. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, boxer primed, in. 38 Special S&W's should handle current +P factory ammo without much problem. 38 Specials to produce more recoil than they like. 357 Magnum revolvers are That being said it is not safe to use +P ammo in revolvers not marked. R769 ; AMMO 38 SPECIAL 158GR MAGTECH SJSP FB (50). Arguably, the first +P round was. 38 special+P ammo in a snub nose revolver with a 2" barrel is a waste of money and recoil because the barrel is too short to allow any significant increase in velocity over the standard. American Eagle Handgun Ammunition. 357 caliber, so it's very common for gun makers to chamber their revolvers up for the more powerful. The Bodyguard 38 is rated for +P ammo and features a carry-friendly, snag-free design. EMJ-NT | 125 Grain | 982 FPS MV. 38 Calibre, Extra Long center fire ammunition. The site is operated by a team that offers low prices on ammunition and fast service. So, to start off, +P ammo is "overpressure ammunition" as the "+P" designates added chamber pressure. Winchester USA Ammunition 38 Special +P 125 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 50 Shop All Featured Ammunition. Winchester USA 38 Special 125 Grain +P Jacketed Hollow Point ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 38 Special ammunition only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. 38 Super ammo from being used in older pistols that were chambered in the lower pressure 38acp. 9mm Federal Law Enforcement 124 Grain HST Ammo (50rds) $69. Remington Ultimate Defense Full-Size. 38 Spl +P Ammo, 20/box - RTP38S12A. 38 Special Treasury Load by Loadout Room Guest Authors Jul 1, 2019 17,000 p. Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities: hunting ammo, shooting, target ammo, and personal defense ammo. This 38 Special cartridge by Prvi Partizan does away with the problem of a paper target becoming useless once you’ve grouped too many shots in one place. Double check price/quantity/caliber at the vendor's site before ordering. Federal +P HST Micro 130 Grain Ammo. Known for its easily managed recoil impulse, the. 38 round doesn’t even make minor PF for USPSA. 35 ; Fiocchi Ammo 38 Special 125 Gr XTPHP (Per 25), $0. 38 Special revolver you're anticipating carrying. 38 ACP, it should be noted, is definitely not the same as. This results in increased muzzle velocity and recoil. The weights of two pulled bullets were 124 and 124. Target Sports USA carries the entire line of Winchester ammunition for sale online with free shipping on bulk ammo including this. Purchase 38 Special Ammo at SGAmmo. 38 Special and rated for +p, and IMHO, they’re the best value and most utilitarian members of the class. Federal Nyclad is the only standard pressure. Detroit Ammo Co offers 38 Special ammunition. The FTX® — at the forefront of Critical Defense® — maximizes the potential of a hollow point bullet. 38 Super ammo are actually the same exact cartridge. 38 Special +P 158 grain Full Metal Jacket Centerfire Pistol Ammunition 3519 Caliber:. 99 Add to Cart More Info Order# NL624. Jacketed Hollow Point - RED STREAK Technology. The revolver also features a pinned, black ramp front sight, ambidextrous. American Eagle Handgun Ammunition. Magtech Sport 38 Super +P 130 Grain FMJ Ammo 50 Rounds. Among the most efficient personal defense choices is the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard. 38 ammo was as powerful as today's +P. The Oceanaire Seafood Room – In a city overflowing with seafood restaurants, Oceanaire […]. We take a look at how it measures up against other. 38 Special HoneyBadger+P™. Revolvers like the Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard and Model 642 are chambered in this caliber, as are wheel guns like the Ruger LCR, many of which also handle. Hornady 38 Special+P 110gr FTX® Critical Defense ammunition for sale at Ventura Munitions. Winchester Repeating Arms Super. 0 m/s, this new, improved cartridge could do it at 390. It is great to use in double action concealed carry revolvers due to its light recoil and enables you to quickly get back on your target. 444 Marlin 444 Marlin, 444 Marlin Ammo; 6. 38 Special is dependent on adaptation. 38 Spl Ammo by Fiocchi - 148gr Lead Wadcutter. This high-pressure round sends a 130-grain projectile at 1,220 feet per second. 38 Super 357 Sig 38 Short Colt 38 Long Colt 38 Special 357 Magnum 360 Dan Wesson 357 Maximum 357 Herrett 356 TSW 38 S&W 9mm Makarov 41 Long Colt 40 S&W 400 Cor-Bon 10mm Auto 10mm Magnum 41 Remington Magnum 414 Super Magnum 41 Action Express 41 Special 44 Russian 44 Special 44 Remington Magnum 445 Super Magnum 11. 38 Special Ammo A revolver chambered in. 38 Special 158GR FMJ NEW Brass - 250rd Pack. Buffalo Bore 38 S&W 125 Grain Hard Cast Flat Nose [20. 38 Special ammo as low as 43¢ per round. If you stick with good quality ammo, you shouldnt have any problems, regardless of brand. 357 Magnum Lever Gun (Winchester 92 and Henry Big boy),. There is such a variety of pistols in public use that we will not determine what guns are compatible with which loads. PMC Bronze ammunition provides a reliable and consistent training load with great performance and accuracy at a great value. 38 Special couldn’t pierce body armor and it wouldn’t go through car doors, so police departments looked for a solution. " +P loads should be fired ONLY in firearms specifically designated by the manufacturer as suitable for this elevated pressure. Tula 38 Special Ammunition TULAUL038130 130 Grain Steel Case Full Metal Jacket 50 Rounds - Free Shipping with Buyer's Club! $0. Residents in CA, DC, IL, MA, NY, CT, and NJ may have additional restrictions. 38 Super Automatic, was developed in the late 1920s to be a higher pressure version of the. Remington 38 Special 125 gr Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point High Terminal Performance …. While simply changing the name of the round worked, the ammunition. This ammo is manufactured by Industrias Tecnos S. All Manufacturers Aguila Buffalo Bore Colt CorBon Federal Fiocchi Magtech PMC Prvi Partizan Remington Ruag Sig Sauer Uncategorized Winchester. Winchester USA Full Metal Jacket. Near realtime tracking of who has ammo, mags and reloading supplies in stock. On average, +P ammo is about 50 to 100 fps faster than standard ammo, sometimes less. #1 38 Special – 158 Grain LRN FP – Armscor. I guess the issue is what kind of ammo can you get. Learn about S&P ratings and what they mean right here. 22LR Red Tracer Ammo - 50rds 22LR Red Tracer Ammo - 50rds. Best Price Ammo stocks a wide range of 38 Special ammo to satisfy the needs of plinkers, hunters, competitive shooters, and the avid ammunition aficionado. Engineered to maximize terminal ballistics as defined by FBI test protocol, PDX1 Defender ammunition provides maximum stopping power for the ultimate in personal defense. 38 Special round of the 856 can accommodate ammunition ranging from light target loads to self-defense …. Developed in 1898, 38 Special ammo delivers superior accuracy and terminal ballistics while retaining a manageable recoil, making it the perfect caliber for a wide range of shooters. Magtech Sport Pistol Ammunition 10B, 10mm Auto, Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), 180 gr, 1230 fps, 50 Rd/Bx. Features a 130grn lead core fuller copper jacketed bullet, brass case, and non-corrosive boxer primer. 177 pellets are cheaper than a. Technically, these are the 158 gr. 7 Alliant Powder BE-86 Alliant Powder Blue Dot Alliant Powder Bullseye Alliant Powder Herco Alliant Powder Unique Hodgdon 700-X Hodgdon 800-X Hodgdon CFE Pistol Hodgdon Clays Hodgdon HP-38 Hodgdon HS-6 Hodgdon Lil'Gun Hodgdon Longshot Hodgdon Titegroup Hodgdon Titewad Hodgdon Universal Improved …. Up for sale is more ammo from my stash. I would not buy a large quantity of ammo before testing it in your rifle. It was a can opener -- a 1 1/2-inch-tall piece of metal with a small, hinged triangular beak that folded out to puncture lids. 60 / round) Notify Me When Available. ** All our products and components are proudly manufactured in the USA. 62x39 Rimfire Ammo 17 HMR 22 Long Rifle. 38 Special +P ammo can be as much as 17. Out-performs competitor rounds; Quality brass case with primer seal; Available in the most popular defensive . This ammo is for cartridge size. Shop 38 Special ammo online for target practice, hunting, and self defense. 38 Special bullets, such as those of the 110-grain genre, will surpass 1,000 fps from snubnose revolvers. Specifically tailored for short-barreled. Winchester 38 S&W Spec Mid Range Sharp Cor Match Box, Winchester 38 S&W Special Box, and a Western 38 Special Mid-Range Box. 38 Special VS 38 Special +P Website=http://heavymetalgunsoutdoorsllc. 357 magnum the greatest amount and the. The loads feature aluminum cases to keep price to a minimum, yet offer reliable accurate performance for training at …. Velocity increase is modest, however. 38 Special / Remington Ultimate Defense Compact Handgun,. · Primer: Boxer · Casing: Nickel Plated Brass Casing . Personal Defense Punch 38 Special +P Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. This classification lessens the likelihood of the hot round ending up loaded in a. Item out of stock, click Notify Me to be emailed when product available. Just like the Black Hills Ammo, these rounds fire at a velocity of 1,050 FPS, delivering 306 foot. Is +P Ammunition Safe? What You Need To Know About. If you are searching for read reviews Smith Wesson Airweight 642 Revolver 38 Special P 1 price. Shop for 38 Special Ammunition at Walmart. 380 IIRC - there would still be some play or wobble. 38 Special 84 GR Shotshell Ammo #39 Federal Premium Centerfire Punch. 38 Special +P Pistol and Handgun Ammo. #4 38 Super – 130 Grain FMJ – Winchester. Ammo WARNING You must be 18 or older to purchase shotgun or rifle ammunition and 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition. 38 Special Ammo · 38 Special - 130 Grain FMJ - Tula - 1000 Rounds · 38 Special - 130 Grain FMJ - Tula - 50 Rounds · 38 Special - 158 Grain LRN - Blazer - 50 Rounds. Ammunition To Go : 50rds - 38 Spec. They will give you the noise and realism of conventional ammunition without the projectile. Note: This product must be shipped to an Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer(FFL Dealer). CCI Ammo Blazer 38 Special LRN 158 Grain 50 Rounds [3522] $29. Its survival for nearly 100 years, along with better-educated enthusiasts, cleared the way for today’s generation of +P loads. 30 FLANGED NITRO SUPER SPEED 30 ARMY $ 25. Passing even the FBI’s ammunition test, this round is great for both self …. Firearms designed for such ammunition normally have a "+P" marking on the barrel, slide or frame. 38 Special +P 120 Grain JHP Ammo. Stay away from European surplus ammo, as most of it was loaded for submachine guns and is way over pressure for a pistol. 357 Magnum load on the other hand has a 125 grain bullet at 1325 FPS, which just squeaks. FMJ STEEL CASE 500 ROUNDS (UL38130). 357 Magnum loads averaged 1,276 fps. Aguila Ammunition 38 SUPER AUTO +P. 38 SPL +P 130 GR HST JHP - 20RD Subcompact handguns sleek, lightweight designs make them an ideal choice for concealed carry. LeBlanc: Make sure to have the correct ammo – I was loading some ammunition a few. This is simply because the original— before the +P designation— was a development of the. The 357 simply has more muzzle velocity, energy, and better terminal ballistics compared to the 38 Special. 38 Special has a muzzle velocity of 900 feet per second compared to the 9mm at 1,110 fps. 62 338 Lapua Magnum 6mm Creedmoor 6. 38 Special vs 357: The Wheel Gun Shootout. The question of using modern +p ammunition in these old revolvers often …. 38 Super +p: JHP: 115: 537: 1450: 38 Super +p: JHP: 124: 502: 1350: 38 Super +p: FMJ. Featuring the same controls and great accuracy as other Glock pistols, the model 38 lets you take your favourite pistol with you anywhere, even if you’re dressed in plainclothes. 38 Special + P 125 Grain Semi-Jacketed Hollow Points are ideal for any high volume shooter looking to train with quality ammo. I have 357 mag revolvers and you can shoot 38 …. Back by popular demand, Federal Premium® reintroduces a. 38 Special 105 Grain TCFP BLACK Hi-Tek Coated Lead Cowboy Action-With our 100% hand-loading techniques- We place the same care and passion into each and every round produced as those do in their own private loading rooms. Hornady Critical Defense Ammo 38 Special P 110 Grain Flex. 38 Special revolvers for risk of damage or injury to the gun and the shooter. 38 Special +P 110gr JHP Corbon Ammo. Box 1466, Rainier, Oregon 97048 - 503-556-3006. Hi all I recently purchased a Charter Arms. MagSafe Ammo is faster, recoils less, and stops attackers faster than any other ammunition in the world. 38 Special case will leave a deposit in the cylinder which may make it hard to insert a. Each round in this box of 50 has a lead semi-wadcutter bullet that weighs 158 grains. With its 158 grain projectile and turbocharged 890 fps muzzle velocity, this round dumps nearly 280 ft lbs of energy into its target at close range. MidwayUSA carries a full line of 38 Special from all the major brands. This ammo is a great choice for use in revolvers and bolt action firearms. I think there's only one ammo manufacturer that still makes rounds marked as 38acp. 38 Super Comp FMJ bullet is a conventional design with an exposed lead base. 38 Special and 971 fps for the 9mm. The Model 85 is seven ounces heavier than the LCR but, unlike Ruger’s compact revolver. Exceptional terminal performance is finally available for Snub-Nose Revolvers in 38 Special Designed around the shortest barrels - including 1. There are no other SAAMI approved “+P” loads. 38 Super – + P 130 Grain FMJ – Aguila – 500 Rounds quantity. 357, while designed to take the hottest. Check to compare Fiocchi Blank 38 Rimmed Revolver, 50 Rounds. This is 38 Special +P ammunition, designed to inflict a greater amount of damage for neutralizing a threat. 38 Super +P case is semi-rimmed and smaller in diameter, but longer, than the 9 mm Luger case. 38 Special +P 130 grain Ranger Bonded rounds in calibrated gelatin. 38 Special 130-Grain Handgun Ammunition. Recoil springs do need changed as they wear and fired round count increases. From the Taurus revolver manual: There are only four calibers that can carry a “+P” rating from SAAMI. SKU: WINRA38B UPC: 020892218192. For the 1st Generation Charter Arms revolvers: the ONLY ones rated for. 99 FREE S&H Ammo Deals: AMEND2 AR15 30 Rnd Magazine MOD-2 10-Pack $69. Federal Premium Centerfire Handgun Ammunition. Everything from custom, match grade, . Developed in 1898, 38 Special ammo delivers superior . ALL AMMO SHIPMENTS ARE SENT FED EX OR UPS GROUND ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED, NO EXCEPTIONS NO RETURNS ON AMMO PURCHASES. This revolver is different, and how different it is! The piece resembles my daily backup, the Smith and Wesson …. Both Remington (catalog number R38S12) and Federal (catalog number 38G) loaded their own versions of this cartridge as well. 38 Special ammo from all of the top brands. 38 Spc, is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson. 38 Special +P is a 130 grain bullet at a stated 950 FPS, which is back down to the 260 ft-lb range for energy. 38 Super is a centerfire handgun cartridge. In other words, the round is …. Whether you are hunting with 6. Otherwise it's 38 Super +P or just 38 Super. , FMJ, Box of 50 · Federal American Eagle -. Overpressure ammo is also a top choice for defense purposes. Its 158 grain semi-wadcutter projectile punches a clean hole through paper, providing you at once with immediate visible feedback on your performance and an easily scored result. I thought that Black Hills Ammunition 38 Special P 100gr Honeybadger Ammo 38 Special P 100gr Honeybadger 50box is a great product. The second is fourteen full boxes of. Boxes have all their flaps and inner boxes. This added pressure gives the bullet a higher . You might be more familiar with Creedmoor’s rifle rounds, but the company also makes a. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass. And remember to also check the list of ammunition tested as part of the Cylinder Gap tests. 357 Magnum is a very effective option for hunting medium-sized game and is equally popular with law enforcement as it can easily pierce the body panels of …. Reportedly, this one did pretty well in some of the 10% gelatin/4-layers of denim expansion and penetration tests. CCI Blazer 38 Special 158 Gr FMJ (50) $ 35. Federal 158gr Lead Semi-Wadcutter Ammo [Fed38c] - $17. Hornady 38 Special+P 110 Grain FTX (Flex Tip) Critical Defense Ammunition Ammunition (25 Rounds) $ 28. 38 Special +P HiLow Auctions C O with a high bid of $300. The HST line includes some of the best self-defense ammo on the market, but this is the first time they have attached that name to a revolver caliber. 44 Mag, and much more! Our massive selection of handgun ammo comes in a range of box sizes as well. It was so successful that many law enforcement agencies adopted the +P round afterward. These bullets have no copper jacketing and they have a cavity to the flat nose. If you own a subcompact revolver, you know they offer an ideal option when it comes to concealed carry. 9mm (+P) Federal Law Enforcement 124 Grain HST Ammo (50rds) $74. FMJ-RN Ball (1155 fps/ME 370 ft lbs) $27. (Note: To emphasize the pressure difference between the. 38 Special is by far the most popular, although the. 357 Magnum can lead to one small problem: Because the. This item is currently out of stock. 38 spl Nyclad® offering for personal defense. 38 Super +P ammunition manufactured by Prvi Partizan (PPU) in Serbia. 38 Special Shooting Accessories. The consensus seems to be "nobody knows" and "best. 38 Cal SNAP CAPS Train Ammo Bullets Shells Practice Safe. COR®BON JHP is the original “HOT STUFF”! Back in 1982, our testing showed that most JHP (Jacked Hollow Point) ammunition would plug up with clothing and fail to expand in soft tissue. Winchester 38 Special Handgun Ammo. The powders are flash suppressed so as to not hinder your vision should you be required to drop the hammer in low light. , because the velocity of the L. Sold under their Aguila (Eagle) brand, Industrias Tecnos are. 38 Special round in one of my favorite recipes: 125 . 56mm ammo, visit our website to see what's currently in-stock at several online retailers. For safety reasons, Ammo Purchases are NOT returnable. Choose from our wide selection from top manufacturers including CCI, Remington, and Winchester. 38 Super hit the scene sometime in the late 1920s. JHP (1450 fps/ME 537 ft lbs) $31. Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Pistol 38E for sale from Gun Pup. Product Info for CCI Ammunition Blazer Aluminum. However, with Smith & Wesson revolvers, the factory has . Target Sports USA carries the entire line of Federal Personal Defense ammunition for sale online with free. If I could shoot +P ammo in these guns, it would open up a range of options for good defensive ammo, hence my question. 38 Special hollow points for protection or FMJ ammo for the range, we’ve got you covered with the best ammo at the best prices. This left plenty of steel in the cylinder to contain the increased pressure. Federal Personal Defense Micro 38 Special Ammo 130 Grain +P HST Jacketed Hollow Point for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 38 Special ammunition only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. 38+P is just a more powerful 38 Special round. HoneyBadger™ doesn't need hollow points and does not depend on them for performance. These are blanks, not 38 special ammunition. 60-inch and penetrates about 12. We offer 38 Spl Ammo for sale at unbeatable prices from top manufacturers. +P simply means it is loaded to a higher pressure to achieve a higher velocity. 38 Super +P marked R P Super +P 135 Grain FMJ with fifty rounds in each box for a total of seven hundred unfired rounds. Speer’s 38 Special +P Gold Dot line of JHP defense ammunition is great for duty use for law enforcement professionals as well as home defense applications. The HST line of hollow-point ammo has a reputation for consistent …. · Winchester 130-Grain PDX1 Defender +P · Federal 130-Grain HST Micro · Remington . This load is among the most respected personal defense loads in 38 Special. This product has an average rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars from 16 ratings. Buy Federal 38 Special Ammo Online. 38 special +P+ 147-grain Hydra-Shok® jacketed hollow point, is a brand-new boxer-primed, noncorrosive brass-cased round. 38 Special ammo that reliably expands and penetrates sufficiently, especially when fired out of a snubby, is difficult to come by in the best of times. Which Gun Caliber Is Superior: The.