rare chinese male names. 26 Chinese Boy Names That Are A Mix Of Modern And Traditional. Other names that are similar to Asha are Ashley and Ashton that became popular in the 80's and 90's in North America. Among Chinese in Boston, the most common three first names are Wei (1. At a loss for a creative name for your baby boy? If his birthday and you still don't have name, just generate one boy name and go with it. Nature is also a common theme in Chinese names, so expect. Here are some of the best rare boy names to call your little man! Amol; Meaning: "priceless," "invaluable," "precious," "dearest one. Its international flair makes it an intriguing choice for your baby girl. It has one of the most special meanings of all names. It has been used for quite some time. Rover noted the name Fauci was up 270% from 202, COVID rose 35%, and Zoom zoomed to the top by 443%. At Haimom, you will be able to search for Korean Baby Names sorted in an alphabetical order, uniqueness and popularity. Welcome to the most-spoken language in the world. Peak Popularity: Juan is among the top 200 names for boys in the U. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming. First Names for Male Assassins. Elora - If you like inspirational names, this means “the Lord is my light”. I thought the best way to create a list of the coolest baby boy names was to ask my fellow moms their favorite boy names as if they were naming their baby today. Bo: “Ocean wave” is a lovely image to project with your sweet baby boy's name, and it doesn't hurt that this one is pronounced just as the popular pick Beau, . Chinese names are unique, and sometimes a little odd sounding to a foreigner. With the constant trends of today, finding unique boy names. Italian names can evoke romanticism, honor a famous painter/inventor from the Renaissance period, or remind you of your favorite movie character. [Chinese People Names] - 16 images - how do chinese people choose english names goeast mandarin, chinese surnames that start with s 1 rare chinese last, international male models asian sexy muscle male model, 10 amusing restaurant names around the world,. An Róng - ahn rong - Contented glory ( . A Russian form of Leo, "the lion. It is a rare name for boys that has not been used a lot of late. She later changed the character in her name to avoid being confused with a male author whose name has similar. Using city names is pretty common in the west. 8",Statue,ferocious,Copper,Xiong. Chinese Male Names Starting with L Lan piao- Blue ticket Li Qiang-Energetic Long -power, good fortune Lao da- Leader Lei- Thunder Lee- Healer Li Jei -beautiful Liang ren- Good person Long Aotian- Perfect Liwei- greatness Lim- Forest Liko -Protected by Buddha Liang- Excellent Li Wei -great Lok -happiness Ling-Understanding Longwei- Great dragon. 念真 Niàn zhēn – This name is the first name of a famous Taiwanese writer, meaning ‘read the truth’. These are all monosyllabic and represented by one hangul cluster and (usually) corresponding hanja character each. More specifically, the name comes from India from the Sanskrit language. An ("peaceful" or "loving") Chun Hua ("spring flower") Jiao ("charming") Jun ("truthful" or "obedient") Lian ("delicate") Meiying ("beautiful flower"). These names are also great names to use if you have an interest in the region or just want to have a unique name for your pup. This name has been the most common for baby boys who . 31 Unique Chinese Boy Names ; Tu, Intellignet ; Wang Lei, King ; Wang Wei, Establish ; Wang Yong, Eternal ; Zhang Wei, Extraordinary . Armstrong - name is taken from astronaut Neil Armstrong, who was the first man on the moon in 1969. LING, clever; intelligent, spiritual. Common and Popular Italian Boy Names. Coincidentally, your travels might have also taken you across oceans and to many gorgeous, exotic beaches. If you've decided to choose a Chinese name for your child, you've stumbled upon the perfect place. When it comes to popular Japanese boy names, there are plenty of options. Browse over 127 Asian Baby Boy Names with Meanings of Asian Names. ” Jin: Meaning “gold,” this is a common Chinese name for baby boys. Feng is another solid option for boys with adventurous parents. Mandarin Chinese Character Name Generator. What are the most common Chinese names? · An: Peace · Aiguo: Patriotic · Bao: Treasure · Bengt: Blessed · Bingwen: Bright · Bo: Ocean wave · Bohai: . Many are derived from Chinese, although some are indigenous Korean in origin. Popularity: Ji-Woo was the eighth most common given name to Korean baby girls in 2008 and the third most popular name in 2013 and 2015. You will also get to know their meanings stated right in front of them. · Chang - A boy's name that means smooth or unhindered. 200 Popular Asian Boy Names. The name is beautiful as it represents herbal plants, is pleasing to the ear, and even further popularised when Jin Yong, a Wuxia-novel master, used it in one of his characters. In the Chinese culture, much importance is placed on choosing a good Chinese name for the baby as it is believed that the Chinese name determines the destiny of the baby. Your baby is a treasure, and so is the name An, which means the same. However, parents sometimes use the Japanese syllable alphabet of hiragana and katakana to write down the names of their children. Thus, it's best to start jotting down 2021 baby girl names and baby boy names now and preparing your own Indian baby name list. Owners found inspiration from social distancing in the past two years, and names related to the pandemic were popular. " 150 Unusual Baby Names 150+ Indian Baby Names 125 Old-Fashioned Baby Names 100. Chinese last names are typically passed down from father to children, although they may not have started that way. You may also like: Galen, Giacomo, Grafton. Singaporean Chinese Names for females. Darne; Meaning: “a piece,” “a slab,” “a thick cut of. Chinese Baby Names | Chinese Names for Baby Girls Chinese is an old language rich with social traditions and cultural etiquette when it comes to names and naming children. 100 Adorable Chinese Girl Names (With Meanings). Chinese names for boys often represent the kind of future the parents wish for their sons. Korean City Names Used as Boy Names. International naming is not really a new concept for parents around the world. The name Cudo means wonderful or marvelous. Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. Keep reading for the coolest baby boy name ideas. 60+ Exotic Cat Names - Beautiful, Unique Names for Your Cat Published: July 17th, 2016 Last updated: June 22nd, 2021 by Jessi Larson. Are you looking for a cool, unique name for your cat? If so, exotic cat names are the way to go. More than boy names… If you're expecting twins, or think maybe you're having a girl, you may rather list of girls' names or non-gender specific baby names. Asha, or Aasha, is a popular girl name in South Eastern Asia. 56 Modern Japanese Boy Names that are Handsome & Unique. 100 Chinese Names for Boys with Meanings. Whether you're looking for a more sage, zen name or are a fan of the bright and bold, here are Chinese boy's names for inspiration. Every single Chinese character can be . 150+ Chinese Boy Names and Meanings. It is a combination of two names, Ahmad and Muhammad. 念真 Niàn zhēn - This name is the first name of a famous Taiwanese writer, meaning 'read the truth'. In one sample of 45,665 names, 81% of family names were unique. If you're someone who is looking for Chinese boy names with characters, then you should consider naming your little one from this list. The names in this generator are all in English (as phonetically as possible without using odd characters), however, this does mean some names may not have translated well in a few, rare cases. if you guys choose these names for your newborn baby then that will be a fresh name and unique also. It also denotes the parents' beliefs and how they wish their kid to turn out. Efrain is a Spanish name that means fruitful. Other names that are similar to Asha are Ashley and Ashton that became popular in the 80’s and 90’s in North America. Whether you’re looking for a more sage, zen name or are a fan of the bright and bold, here are Chinese boy’s names for inspiration. The letter 'U' is not commonly used at the beginning of names in Korea. You can also view Popular Asian Names, Popular Boy Names, or Popular Names. Cordelia - This Latin name is a popular character from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Choose from the 150+ popular male name ideas that follow. Top 20 characters in male given names. Read More: Adorable Big and Small Chinese Dog Breeds. If you're looking for Chinese names, this Chinese name generator is built to be a starting point! Each name is computer-generated and we encourage you to do further research on naming traditions and meanings for your exact region. Like our the most modern monikers, old fashioned boy names don’t all fit in the same styles. Using Chinese boy name generator to find full list of perfect Chinese baby boy names and their meanings. 8" Rare Old Chinese Red Copper ferocious Animal Xiong Bear Statue Sculpture /corallet1049913. Akemi – The name means the beautiful sunrise. Modern Chinese Girl Name With Meaning Unique Names In. Here are 20 gender-neutral Chinese names to choose from: An - peace Bao - treasure, gem Bo - wavelike Chen - break of the day Chun - born in the spring Guang - glorious Heng - eternal Huan - happiness Hui - clever Jiang - river Liu - willow tree Ming - enlightening Ping - peaceful, stable Qui - autumn Shan - moderate Shi - truthful. " Gusti (Balinese) means "leader" Ha-jun (Korean) ha means "summer" and jun means "approval. You can also view All Asian Names, or All Names starting with V. With so many boy names with unique meanings, you can easily find a name inspired by nature for your baby. However, if a Chinese name is written in English, sometimes the surname and the given name will change the order to be similar to the foreign names. If you are a fun of short forms, you can spell it “ Axl ”. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. This Chinese baby boy’s name has multiple meanings including “generation”, “honest” or “history. Some names only have 2 elements - surname, first name. If you prefer a more earthly and powerful name for your new son, then here are the most popular power names from Japan. And choosing a perfect name from a list of unique boy names is one of the things at the top of your list. A right name always is related to a bright future, forefather heritage, good fate, and gorgeous personality: Chinese Boys Names implicit prosperity, characteristics, and strength. Mandarin Chinese Name Generator • The ULTIMATE Bank of. Chinese names are used in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. 50000+ Mandarin Chinese names right at your fingertips. Alternative names include Berry Moon, Halfway Summer Moon, Hay Moon, Moon of the Ripe Corn Moon, Thunder Moon. It's a rare beauty with ancient roots and is a unique twist on the currently popular boys' names Aiden and Andrew. " Go can also mean "cow" or "land. Arnold - a name derived from an old German name that means eagle power. Here are five favourite or typical Chinese boy names: 伟祺 Wěi qí – this means very lucky or auspicious. Park Ji-Woo is a South Korean male dancer. Sometimes a popular cat name like Bella, Max, Tigger, or Chloe won't do. Alternative Spellings & Variations: 娟. Home » Learn Chinese » Chinese Vocabulary Lists » The Top 100 Chinese Surnames. From Chinese 许 ( xǔ) referring to the minor state of Xu, which existed to the 4th century BC in what is now Henan province. Our team is working on a baby r us registry and baby blue. Chinese names may be short, but they're packed with meaning and sometimes even a bit of history. 15 most common Chinese names in Singapore and Malaysia. If you are a fun of short forms, you can spell it " Axl ". 20 Chinese Petnames That Sound Awesome!. As with the names for female assassins - the remainder of this article is littered with male assassin names that are also really great, but I had to include a list of male assassin names that don't fit into any particular category as well. Akihiro - It symbolises a bright or shining prince. Our list of Asian Names for Boys and Girls with meanings will inspire. Associated in Primary School; associated again in Secondary School. Dajon: Dajon means Submission towards God or the Gift of God. It's extremely rarely used, so if you're looking for a unique Biblical name, you can't go wrong with this one. In Chinese, the family name is always the first part of a person's name, followed by their given name. Unique & Rare 14 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting With-Q. We have compiled name that you can use for both male and female pooch, and we also have suggestions if you have some small or large dog breeds to name. You'll rarely meet a Chinese person with a surname not in this list of 100. Howin - "loyal swallow"; a unique name for a loyal cat. Shorter boy names are punchy and always make a statement. These names have been around for years and are still in trend, and they are great nod to the history and legacy of the great Chinese nation. List of common Chinese surnames. Alian 阿理安, 阿立安, 阿黎安, 阿力安, 阿丽安 m & f Chinese (Modern, Rare) Chinese form of Arian or Aryan or a combination of the names Ah, Li 1 and An 1. Looking for a baby boy name? Choose from 100 unique baby boy names - biblical names, celebrity naes, literary names, color names, place names and more. As of Aprilabout 60 million Chinese people have unusual characters in their names. As with the names for female assassins – the remainder of this article is littered with male assassin names that are also really great, but I had to include a list of male assassin names that don’t fit into any particular category as well. Considering popular boy names is a great way to be sure you're choosing a name that will be considered cool for the modern generation into which your child is born. Names such as Dallas, Austin, Eugene, and Houston as pretty popular. Chinese names are unique and represent the great culture of the country. Most Korean names have 3 elements - surname, first name, second name. Xiao keAi- Little cute thing ; Yong - . Using Japanese boy name generator to find full list of perfect Japanese baby boy names and their meanings. Looking for a Chinese name for your new dog? Check out these unique names inspired by Chinese culture and the Mandarin language. Ah-Kum (Chinese origin) meaning "good as gold". Ah- lam (Chinese origin) name meaning "peace". Many old fashioned baby boy names are rising in the shadows as well like the modern-sounding Harley, Waylon, and Quentin. Akihisa- A child with a strong personality. 1 The family 1,000 names in the U. Buling 歩鈴, 布鈴 f Chinese (Rare) From Chinese 歩 (bù) meaning "step" combined with 鈴 (líng) meaning "bell, chime". The name comes from the Latin male name Renatus which means "born again. " Origin: Indian, Sanskrit Amol is a classy Indian boy's name meaning one who is precious, rare, or invaluable like diamonds and gold. A child's name can be a symbol of cultural and family heritage. One fictional bearer of this name is Buling Huang/Fong from Tokyo Mew Mew. From Chinese 荀 ( xún) meaning "plant, ancient state". More people researching their roots today has led to an interest in preserving rare surnames, and as a result, more people are using hyphenated surnames in England. Rushi was the name of the famous Chinese courtesan and poet Liu Rushi. A list of Male Chinese Names linked to pages giving origin and etymology for each name. Boy: Chinese: Judaism: Jiao: Jiao means a loveable beautiful person. The character 许 means "allow, permit". " The character relates the bir. You have to choose an easier name, and people will also find it easier to remember your dog. For Japanese Boy Names, Start with M. This rare boy name means happy and blessed in Hebrew. Baozhai - Stockade of treasures. Popular Chinese Male/Boy Names · 1. "The birdman," from the Greek aia. Is Xin a boy or girl's name? What does Kai mean in African? List of Chinese male names; What are the Chinese boy names that is easy to pronounce ? What Chinese . Aldrin - name is taken from astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who was the second man to land on the moon in 1969. ‘ Wang ’ is also the syllable for a dog's barking, like ‘woof’ in English, and can be a common Chine dog name. But have you wondered, how often do parents call their babies by their original names rather than nicknames? Probably not as much! Yet choosing a name from a wide range of baby names is one decision which involves a lot of discussion and. Common Chinese Boy Names · Bai - White or pure · Dong - East or pillar · Heng - Constant · Jia - Auspicious · Jie - Pure · Qiang - Strong · Ping - Stable or level . The name means, 'one who thanks God. Or to browse baby names using the finder tool below, just choose your religion from the drop-down along with baby's gender, and you would see a large list of unique Hindu baby boy names options. , during the time of the Roman Republic, and lasted until the 20th century. Instructions for desktop user: Click on the character tile to see which decades the character appears in. Most notably, the characters 沐 (mù) – meaning “bathe”, 宇 (yǔ) – meaning “universe”, and 泽 (zé) – meaning “benevolence”, dominated the top 10 list of boy . Can you tell chinese boy names that are common and meaning. Page 2 of A-Z list of Male Chinese Names and their meanings, linked to etymology pages for each name. so you guys can easily choose the names according to the gender of your baby and your interest. Given names, on the other hand, are names chosen by parents for their children. Other countries on the continent also have unusual names for their pets. But just as it's not unusual for Chinese people to take English names when they study English, many foreigners who study Chinese or live in . Many early last names contain the character for the word "woman. Chinese Baby Boy Names including Meanings of Names. The 26 letters of the alphabet cannot show the beautiful and unique qualities of the Chinese name. Maneki-neko - it's the Chinese lucky cat name! Heng - eternal companion. This is why it's both a very good name for a dog and a pun. You can narrow down the list by specifying gender, the first letter, strings included you want!. What Is A Unique Boy Name? Deming. Alternative names include Berries Ripen Moon, Birth Moon, Blooming Moon, Hot Moon, Green Corn Moon, Flower Moon. 56 Modern Japanese Boy Names that are Handsome & Unique! I've been writing about baby names for awhile now. It is a very common female name in China. So here's a list of the most popular Irish boy names. Alin m Siberian, Chinese, Manchu. These Asian names are perfect for newborn babies and some can even be used as cool, trendy names for pet cats and dogs. At the present time, it ranks as the 1,625th most popular name chosen for boys in the United States, and was the 352nd most popular name for little lads on Nameberry. The name means ‘who brings prosperity to the family’. Aiguo, patriotic, Male, Chinese. "The wattled cock," based on the Greek kallaia (wattles) and the Anglo-Saxon hana (a cock). Along with Jayden, American boy names that rank in the US Top 400 include Hudson, Nolan, Easton, Colton, Maverick, Bryson, Jase, Jace, Kayden, and. If you’re someone who is looking for Chinese boy names with characters, then you should consider naming your little one from this list. Apollo - this is a Greek name meaning "handsome", but it also refers to the NASA Apollo space mission (the one that put humans on the moon!). Ah-Chy (Chinese origin) name meaning "lovely". "Ji" means "will," "purpose," or "ambition," while "Woo" means "house" or "universe. Jianguo: Jianguo literally translates to 'Build the Country' and is of Chinese origin. Generate a few name and pick your favorite. If you’re looking for Chinese names, this Chinese name generator is built to be a starting point! Each name is computer-generated and we encourage you to do further research on naming traditions and meanings for your exact region. In many cases, international baby boy names were given as a reminder of the somewhere the child was from, as a way to honor someone special, or as a connection to the heritage of the child. Chinese Name Ideas for Baby Boys in English ; Jinhai. And, most of the time, shorter boy names can really sound beautiful when playing with a few letters that work well together. "Arlo at number one and Milo (at six). Go choose the one that amplifies the love you have for your baby boy the most. Haoran: Though very rare in the States, this is currently the third most popular name for Chinese baby boys; it translates to "grand in manner. Chinese Name Ideas for Baby Boys in English Aiguo. Amir was a title before it was a name and translates as 'prince. Surnames Used a First Names · Chan - A girl's name meaning snow. Unique boy names are more widely used now than ever before. based on a survey of their users. Hanxi m Chinese (Cantonese) Heyi m Chinese (Cantonese) legendary name very rare and endangered. Akiyami – A child with the strength of the mountain. For example, the female name 海婷 (Hoi Ting). "Our list of the top boy names for the first month of 2022 features two names ending in 'o' in the ten," Redmond said. The next five-- Yang, Huang, Zhao, Wu, and Zhou —were each shared by more than 20 million Chinese. Kalei is a Hawaiian name meaning either the flowers or the child. Japanese baby names such as Kazutaka, a name meaning "precious", are slowly gaining popularity among parents. American boy names range from place names to hero names to Native American names to boy names with a Western ring. It is a traditional Jewish name that is universally accepted and used. 21 Asian Names That Will Make Your Child Proud of Their. The 50 Most Popular Names for Male and Female Dogs in 2021. Bagwis - a unique Filipino baby boy name which means "long feather. Male and Female Chinese dog names. The ultimate A-Z list of Asian boy names, complete with name meanings and origins for all Asian baby boy names. Chinese Water Dragon Names – Male, Female, Unisex Once you get your Chinese water dragon pet, you probably want to pick a cool name for it too. 历史 Lìshǐ surname literally meaning 'history'. Maybe you will find your perfect name in this list. boy names with meanings! Handsome and rare boy names that aren't done to death! Dewei – is a Chinese name meaning 'highly noble' . Ji-Woo is an attractive name for a baby boy. At Haimom, you will be able to search for Asian Baby Names sorted in an alphabetical order, uniqueness and popularity. COM: Male Chinese Names, Page 2 of 2. I'm thrilled that so many of my readers are as obsessed with baby names as I am (or maybe you're actually pregnant - which makes it a little more normal of an interest - ha!). Amida – The name of Lord Buddha. Japanese names consist of a surname and a name following it, and, as a rule, are written in hieroglyphs. Related: Unique Unisex Names Lance - This boy's name is of French origin and means "land". " It is thought that early names, roughly 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, were more commonly passed down from the mother, perhaps because one did not always know who their. Once you get your Chinese water dragon pet, you probably want to pick a cool name for it too. A baby's name is often made up of characters that will help lead the child into a good life that's full of prosperity and good luck. 章节 Zhāngjié a surname implying . The best Chinese Male names that start with a to z and English meaning can get here to give a gift of the beautiful and cute Chinese name for new baby boy. It is often the case that males of the same generation in a traditional family share the first character of their given names. There are no fixed names in Chinese. 16 Unique And Beautiful Chinese Boy Names With Meaning Starting With Q. Only about 25% -- 5,949 of 22,483 -- of the first names are English. Check out over 300+ uncommon male and female pet names for your new cute girl and boy. International, Foreign, Meanings. It has a Hebrew origin and it means God is my strength. Taya — A rare name of Japanese origin meaning “young; valley field,” this sweet moniker only made it onto the top 1,000 baby girls’ names twice in recent years, (#981 in 2015 and #945 in. The Chinese dog names in the list below can be used for both male and female dogs, read on to discover some of the best suggestions for your dog. This name means “good luck” in Chinese. Real Chinese Name Generator. Unusual Names– Because the small number of Chinese surnames leads to confusion in social environments, and because some Chinese parents want to . Studying Chinese? Read this before you choose your name. The same thing goes with Korean city names. Badass Boy Names Inspired By Real Life Heroes. Origin: Chinese and Old English. Browse Asian Boy Names & Asian Girl Names with their meanings. ” Jia: A very cute Chinese baby boy name with a multifaceted meaning: “auspicious, home, family. Joe - heroic; a charming name for brave and courageous cats. Out Top 20 Chinese Petnames: 1 -Yunnan, is the most southern western province in China. 100 Popular and Unique Chinese Names for Girls. Uncommon Japanese Names With Meanings. " Jin: Meaning "gold," this is a common Chinese name for baby boys. Asian Antiques ; China ; Other Chinese Antiques; 2. It's genuinely a cool baby boy name that deserves a big come-back! You may also like: Franco, Frost, Flanagan. That means people with rare characters in their names, which aren't compatible with existing computer systems, can get left behind – pushing . Their study found that the average daily frequencies of Chinese characters used in baby names decreased between 1950 and 2009. Chinese Baby Names for Boys ; Xiū Bó, 修博, 修博 ; Jiàn Yì, 健義, 健义 ; Zhì Míng, 志明, 志明 ; Jūn Yí, 君怡, 君怡 ; Wěi Xīn, 偉新, 伟新 . Note that depending on the Chinese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. We have gathered a beautiful collection of Japanese baby girl names and baby boy names. For instance, the most popular pet name in India is Baloo. Names are an important type of vocabulary. If you are looking for a male name that stands out, here are two options to consider. These unique Chinese names would easily pass the prettiest boys' names: Mandakh: Ascent Nianzu: Ancestral name Rong: Honour Sarantuya: Moonlight Selenge: Swim Tingfeng: A thunderbolt peak Wei: Greatness Yargui: Primrose Zhiqiang: Strong-willed Zolzayaa: Destiny. Hins 敬轩 m Chinese (Cantonese) Cantonese romanization of Jingxuan. Therefore, this list of the most popular Chinese male names and their meanings will serve as the perfect guide for choosing your child's identity. For the couples who want to have a pair of Chinese names, Qing Shan and Ru Shi are a good choice. Under Thai law, only one family can create any given surname: any two people of the same surname must be related, and it is very rare for two people to share the same full name. Ah Lam, peace, Female, Chinese. For each rank and sex, the table shows the name and the number of occurrences of that name. Cudo is a popular Polish and Ukrainian surname and also a unique name for a baby boy. Anwyll Anwyll is a rare name of Welsh origin and it means one who is loved by all. Chinese and Asian inspired dog names are perfect for anyone who has a dog with heritage from Asia. Of the Chinese population with English first names, the most popular three male and. In this study, we aimed to address three comments proposed by Ogihara on a recent study where we found that unique names in China have . In this post, you will find a list of cool and cute ideas for Chinese water dragon names for males. ABNER; Abner is an uncommon baby boy name with incredible meaning. New names are added every week!. The Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties ruled in parts of China before 221 B. " Unlike its female counterpart, Renatus has all but died out as a given name. To get you started, we've prepared a comprehensive list detailing some of the cutest Chinese names for girls, along with their respective . A cute Japanese baby name meaning "precious" for your girl. These days, we see many parents leaning a lot towards different and pretty unique names. What are some Chinese male names? · Aiguo – patriotic · Bingwen – bright and cultivated · Bolin – elder brother rain · Chaoxiang – expecting fortune · Donghai – . One of the best Chinese petnames. If you need a Chinese name to honor your heritage and culture, then this list of Chinese baby boy and baby girl names will put you on the right path. Taya — A rare name of Japanese origin meaning "young; valley field," this sweet moniker only made it onto the top 1,000 baby girls' names twice in recent years, (#981 in 2015 and #945 in. Probably the most popular Chinese name for dogs is Wangcai. Chinese Water Dragon Names - Male, Female, Unisex. Twelve more - Xu, Sun, Ma, Zhu, Hu, Guo, He, Gao, Lin, Luo, Zheng, and Liang - were each shared by more than 10 million. We keep our names up to date as soon as we make the most article about babies and pregnancy based topics for Gentle Name. Surnames are almost always monosyllabic, and given names are either one or sometimes two syllables. Kai is a Chinese name that means triumphant music.